Pre-Congress Session: Workshop on hospital transformations for PHC and UHC organized by the WHO

Workshop on hospital transformations for PHC and UHC organized by the World Health Organization: The “Fast Forward” Initiative for community- and person-centered hospitals and health services


Date: 6 November 2019, Wednesday

Time: 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Venue: Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (Room TBC)

Organized by: World Health Organization


Registration: This workshop is open to World Hospital Congress participants and free of charge but prior registration is required. Please register here.


A call for change:

UHC calls for a transformation in how services are organized, funded and delivered – from health systems designed around single diseases and health institutions towards health systems designed for people, with people. While this requires a primary care approach to be adopted, hospital-centric health systems have been blamed for limited development of primary health care.  It is now time that hospitals are regarded as an essential part of the solution and that their transformative potential be recognized and unlocked.


The initiative:

The World Health Organization’s Framework on integrated people-centered health services, along with WHO’s renewed commitment to on primary health care (Astana Declaration) include a transformative vision for community- and person-centered hospitals for UHC.

To accelerate progress, WHO, champion countries, local leaders, experts, and international organizations are invited to join forces in a Coalition of Partners, which will support the development and implementation of an action Agenda on hospitals and health services around a shared vision of hospitals’ role for PHC and UHC.  In addition to shaping the agenda, champion countries, districts and facilities will have a special role in overseeing the implementation of the actions, through policy dialogues, and support to setting up “hospital transformation incubators”.

In this context, it is envisioned that “hospital transformation incubators” will be anchored in sub-regional, national, or local settings to create a favorable environment for innovation, providing skills and supporting locally anchored projects and to co-develop operational tools to strengthen hospitals capacity to deliver community- and person-centered services and increase hospitals responsiveness to local needs.


The workshop:

The workshop is open to all.  It will serve as an opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas among like-minded professionals from various professional backgrounds and country contexts driven by a shared vision of community- and person-centered hospitals. It will serve as a “proof of concept” to develop the WHO hospital Initiative.

Session design:  World Café style discussion and feedback in plenary



Part 1:  Co-sensing: Introduction (11:00AM – 12:30PM)


  • To share our understanding of what it means for hospitals to be more “people and community-centered” and why this transformation is needed for PHC and UHC
  • To identify success factors in breaking the silos between hospitals and frontline care settings to provide more health and well-being to the communities we serve


Part 2: Co-creating: Helpdesk/marketplace (1:30PM – 3:15PM)


  • To identify potential for innovation at the local level (district or facilities) and at the policy level
  • To provide/receive feedback from other participants on projected policies or local or hospital-based interventions to make hospitals more person- and community- oriented
  • To facilitate contacts between participants for future collaborations and co-development of innovative projects

Session design: “meet and greet” / “helpdesk” format.  Participants will be convened in small groups (3-4) to review projects that are brought for discussions by other participants.  Registered participants will be asked to send in advance a short description (title and 200 words abstract max) of the project they would like to present and discuss during this session.


Part 3:  Co-initiating: Consultation on future shaping of a Coalition of Partners (15h15-17h30)


  • To receive feedback on a concept note for CoPs
  • To agree on next steps for setting up the CoPs
  • To help prioritize development of guidance documents and tool repositories

Session design:  World Café style discussion and feedback in plenary