Welcome Message

We welcome you to the World Hospital Congress


We are delighted to head to the beautiful country of Oman to discuss with you the topic “People at the heart of health services in peace and crisis”. Hospitals are not isolated islands – we are very much integral parts of our communities and are supported by their strength and deeply affected by their troubles. In a world that is ever changing, building resilient institutions to better serve our communities – both in peace and in crisis a fundamental issue for all hospital managers.


In hard times – as well as in good ones – however, it is always important to remind ourselves of what our ultimate mission is. As managers, quite often, we see ourselves focused on innovations and technologies, payment and management models, legal and financial issues – and it is easy to forget that all these subjects are tools, not ends in themselves. Fundamentally, hospitals care for people. Just as importantly, people are the most important element in providing quality, safety and value to patients within hospitals.


People are at the heart of health services and also at the heart of the World Hospital Congress. It is your participation, the ideas that you share and the conversations that we will have as a global community of hospitals and health services that will make this Congress wonderful. We hope you will join us and share your knowledge with your colleagues in this congress. So, on behalf of the IHF, let me greet you and give you a warm welcome to Muscat and to the 2019 World Hospital Congress!


Dr Francisco R. Balestrin


International Hospital Federation

We Welcome you to The Sultanate of Oman


Oman, situated at the cross roads of South West Asia and MENA, is considered the jewel of the Arabian Gulf and one of its oldest civilizations. As our nation moves confidently towards achieving our Oman 2040 national vision, a well-managed and sophisticated healthcare system is at the forefront of our plans.


The Omani heath sector has seen a tremendous evolution in the past four decades under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Winning the bid to the host the “43rd World Hospital Congress” is a testament to this achievement which we bear witness to during our lifetime.


The capital city of Muscat will play host to this prestigious event. An ancient city that has been inhabited since the sixth millennium BCE. Now, a bustling modern metropolis where the old and the new seamlessly meet to give rise to unique cultural and linguistic diversity. From pristine beaches, high-rise mountains and mesmerizing wadis to modern shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment facilities, Muscat has something to offer for everyone.


We look forward to meeting you all in Oman from the 6th until the 9th of November 2019.


Ahlan wa Sahlan


Dr Ali bin Talib al Hinai
Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Health for Planning Affairs