Welcome Message

The IHF welcomes you to the World Hospital Congress

On behalf of the IHF, I warmly welcome you to join us for these great four days in the charmingly attractive and beautiful city of Barcelona! Under the theme “People on board: Transforming Healthcare” we are going to explore the driving forces behind a changing paradigm, and a rapid evolution of health systems everywhere.

In these extraordinary times a paradigm shift has become more than necessary towards the new normal after COVID-19. A health system´s approach starts from the determinants of disease, may include multiple entries and loops and quite often is a continuum of coping with life, not only absence of disease. Many diseases previously considered even deadly have moved towards chronic conditions, and as people get older they tend to acquire more than one of them. The ageing of populations is a global phenomenon as a result of healthcare, but however at the same time increasing demand on the very same systems.

New technologies including digital platforms, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine and genomics play a major role, together with new working patterns and patient empowerment. There are also disruptive new market forces with high impact. The biggest driver for the future most certainly will be the patient not only as an object, but as an active participant in the process, a consumer, citizen and a member of the family and society. We will be working around patient-focused value based healthcare solutions from many aspects during the event.

I hope to see you in Barcelona at the 44th World Hospital Congress in November 2021!

Dr. Risto Miettunen
President of the International Hospital Federation

La Unió Catalana d’Hospitals welcomes you to Barcelona

I wish to give you a warm welcome to the World Hospital Congress in Barcelona in 2021.

This congress will be an opportunity to debate about the necessary transformation of healthcare and social systems to add value to how we address people’s needs to improve their quality of life; the role of professionals and citizens in this transformation and how new technologies multiply this potential for change. This Congress is a great opportunity to share knowledge with professionals from all around the world. Collaborating in sharing knowledge and experiences, leads us to better face future challenges.

As it is well known, while preparing the WHC for 2020, the Covid-19 crises hit the world. For that reason, IHF and UCH considered it important to postpone this event one year. Moving the Congress to 2021 provides us an enhanced opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices on healthcare transformations driven by people, value and technology. Moreover, considering how the Covid-19 crisis has challenged healthcare organizations, we will have to share also how these transformations contribute to enhance responsiveness, flexibility and resilience of healthcare services and hospitals.

So, from the 8th to the 11th of November 2021, in Barcelona we have an outstanding opportunity to move forward together in improving healthcare. And we’ll do so with a firm commitment to people. We propose a journey through all the opportunities offered by technology and knowledge, with an incursion in humanism, to ensure there is health and social care of value for everyone and anyone who needs it. And put in place learnings on how we can transform our healthcare services to be agile, responsive and resilient to meet people’s needs.

This four-day journey focuses on knowledge, sharing, experiencing, improving, networking and innovating in the way we learn and build new proposals to improve our sector. The crisis has challenged all of us. In this context, the WHC will be an even better opportunity for the healthcare community. Adding the know-how and experience of our knowledge partners, our health and social sector professionals with that of professionals coming from all over the world, we are facing what will be an unforgettable experience of collaboration and sharing for everyone.

The organizers are confident the 44th WHC in Barcelona will continue to be an outstanding opportunity to share learnings and that will exceed the expectations of professionals that need, more than ever before,  network, connect, share their knowledge and learnings and provide mutual support. According with the new circumstances, we will prepare everything to assure a successful and safe event.

With an open view to the world, more than ever Barcelona is offering its spirit of solidarity, freedom and innovation for this global event. We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Enric Mangas
President of the Catalan Hospital, Health & Social Services Association and Chair of the Organizing Committee