Welcome Message

The IHF welcomes you to the World Hospital Congress

On behalf of the IHF, I bid you welcome—mahabra—to Dubai for the 2022 World Hospital Congress, “Global Learnings, Local Actions: Sustainable Healthcare.” We are excited to bring the Congress to the United Arab Emirates again and look forward to hearing about the efforts of our partners, the Dubai Health Authority, in fostering innovative and integrated care models and enhancing community engagement.

The COVID-19 pandemic has repeatedly demonstrated that the world is more connected than ever before. Our economies, our political systems and, of course, our health and well-being are inextricably linked across borders. We saw this play out in the spread of the virus, the impacts on supply chains, and the distribution of the vaccine, among other factors.

The industry continues to respond to the pandemic and anticipate future challenges. Ensuring that hospitals have the resources they need to provide safe and equitable care for every patient is paramount to realizing the IHF vision. Healthcare organizations will need to work globally, in collaboration with each other and with the private and public sectors, to address the issues that impact us all.

When we come together in Dubai, our conversation will focus on driving solutions and extending the reach and impact of our work into the future. In establishing this sustainability, we can better solve many of the problems that have persisted for the sector.

I hope you will join this conversation at the 45th World Hospital Congress this November.

Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE
President of the International Hospital Federation