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  • July 6, 2017
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Dubai Health Authority (DHA)




Category: Technology and changes in healthcare organizations

Learning objective
How technology can elevate or transform healthcare systems partnering with patients.
Summary of the session

  1. Putting the patient in the “Driving Seat”
  2. DHA is striving to find new ways to improve health core in Dubai by persuading patients to make the best use of their data. This is something many patients don’t do because they are unaware of either their data’s importance or the availability of the data around them. The creation of Dubai Data Law which encourages sharing of data between Government of Dubai entities is certainly considered a starting point.

  3. Smart transformations in healthcare
  4. DHA’s transformational journey and the adoption of smart solutions. Enhancing patient engagement and experience through mobile applications and other channels.

  5. 3D printed kidney model: A case presentation
  6. Utilization of technology such as 3D Printing and enhancing patient experience and case monitoring.
    Dr. Muna Tahlak
    Chief Executive Officer
    Latifa Women and Children Hospital & Dubai Health Authority
    Dr. Mohammad Al Redha
    Director – Health Data & Information Analysis Department
    Dubai Health Authority
    Presentation: Putting the patient in the “driving seat”
    Objective: To encourage patients to share their data and them engaged
    Amani Al Jassmi
    IT Director
    Dubai Health Authority
    Presentation: Smart transformations in healthcare
    Objective: To enhance the customer experience and provide clinicians and healthcare providers with more accurate data
    Dr. Yaser Saeedi
    Consultant Urologist
    Dubai Hospital, Dubai Health Authority
    Presentation: 3D Printed kidney model A Case presentation
    Objective: The utilization of 3D printing technology in day-to-day practice.

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