Plenary 5

  • July 7, 2017
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Dr. Deborah Cole
Chief Executive Officer, Dental Health Services, Victoria
Chair, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association
Disrupting health — let’s experience better outcomes
Health systems all over the world are struggling to meet the demands of an ageing population, rising rates of chronic disease, higher consumer expectations and increasing costs associated with providing care. We can no longer afford to do things the way they have always been done. It’s time to disrupt health by introducing value-based care that prioritises health outcomes.
Change in the healthcare sector is glacial due to an often hierarchical culture and attachment to tradition. The incremental change that we have become accustomed to is not in sync with the increasing challenges we are facing. It’s time for significant change.
Value-based care is about achieving the health outcomes that matter to patients with minimal waste of time and resources. We need models of care that focus on prevention and early intervention and use clinicians to their full scope of practice as part of an integrated team of multidisciplinary providers. We need robust ways to measure outcomes and costs for every patient and funding models that support value over volume.
This presentation will examine the work being done through the International Consortium of Health Outcome Measures (ICHOM) to measure and report patient outcomes in a standardised way. It will draw off international examples of value-based care and explore the work being done by Dental Health Services Victoria to introduce value-based care in Australia. The aim is to inspire others to adopt the value agenda and transform their health systems for the benefit of patients and staff.

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Dr. Deborah Cole
Disrupting health — let’s experience better outcomes