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  • July 4, 2017
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Dr. Tony KO Pat-sing
Cluster Chief Executive, New Territories West Cluster
Hong Kong Hospital Authority
Transforming Healthcare through Information Technology
The Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HA) has been responsible for managing Hong Kong’s public hospitals services since December 1991. It has a workforce of more than 74,000 and manages 42 hospitals and institutions, 47 specialist outpatient clinics and 73 general outpatient clinics, with a total of over 27,000 hospital beds.
While it will never replace the compassion and skills of a medical team, information technology (IT) is playing an ever important role in modern healthcare systems. HA has set up its IT team to develop tech-based solutions to meet various clinical and administrative needs. The IT solution has been applied in all our hospitals and institutions, benefitting all public patients and staff, aiming at improving the public medical services.
The HA-built Clinical Management System (CMS), together with other IT systems, have embraced important clinical processes in inpatient and outpatient settings, covering registration, medical records, diagnostic and pathological tests, filmless technology, medication prescription, discharges, bill settlement. The smooth operation of HA’s services have been very much relied on the reliable functioning of these various IT systems.
The CMS has been developed in three phases since the 1990s. The technologies and experience of developing CMS have also enabled HA to help realize the Government’s vision of having a centralized platform for sharing patient records between the public and private healthcare sectors.
Many possibilities for further healthcare service advancement have been lightened up when we now enter into a world of emerging technologies, widespread internet usage, and ubiquity of mobile devices. Mobile technologies and Apps can greatly enhance the patient experience.
HA’s IT development over the past quarter century has helped transforming healthcare delivery into a safer and more efficient manner. In future, further IT development will help shaping a more patient friendly and smarter healthcare landscape for the public service in Hong Kong.

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Dr. Tony Pat-sing Ko
Transforming healthcare through transformation technology