• June 30, 2017
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World Health Organization introduces ICD-11 and ICD-10 simplified index


Category: Quality of care and patient safety

Learning objective
This session will raise recognition and understanding of ICD-11 among hospitals in the world so that they will be more ready for use it when ICD-11 is officially launched in respective country.
If the countries are less prepared for ICD, they will find easier coding in ICD-10 simplified index and Startup Mortality List (SMoL).
Summary of the session
World Health Organization (WHO) has been working on the revision to ICD-11(International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 11th edition) for a decade. ICD is used to collect data of health from nationally and internationally and the periodical update and revision of ICD is mandatory to improve the data quality and meet the technological needs of the information age. With ICD-11, also relevant clinical content can be coded for reporting and analysis, at a level of detail that is much higher than the individual codes. Japan Hospital Association (JHA) has been a prominent financial donor and supporter of this revision project from the start and now the project come close to its completion.
In this session, the overview of new ICD-11 which will be launched in 2018 will be explained by WHO. Influence and impact that ICD-11 will bring to healthcare will be presented from both clinical and classification points of view.
JHA, on the other hand, has been promoting the use of ICD-10 in the developing countries, especially Asia-Pacific region. ICD-10 simplified index which is now on the final stage of development and endorsement by WHO is created to assist this dissemination activities.
How the simplified index of ICD will be used in relation to the start-up mortality list (SMoL) and the way forward to the full use of ICD-10 or ICD-11 will be explained.
Dr. Endo Hiroyoshi
St. Luke’s International University
Mrs. Jenny Hargreaves
Senior Executive
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
Dr. Naoko Tajima
Professor Emeritus
Jikei University School of Medicine
Dr. Wansa Paoin
Thammasat University

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World Health Organization introduces ICD-11 and ICD-10 simplified index