• July 3, 2017
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Special Interest Group: University Hospitals


Perspectives on Academic Medical Center/University Governance Alignment


Category: Capacity building and innovation in leadership and management tools and practices

Learning objectives

  1. Understand the dimensions of integration and collaboration across patient care, teaching, research and innovation
  2. Gain insight into the key success factors of leading organizations as well as unique challenges
  3. Understand the leadership competencies needed for effective collaboration between the academic medical center and university
  4. Discover barriers and enablers to effective alignment
  5. Uncover successful strategies for enhancing the value of the academic medical center and university collaboration

Summary of the session
This session will explore major issues that impact alignment between academic medical centers and universities, including regulations, governance, strategic growth, and innovation. Through thought-provoking panel discussion, case studies and relevant examples from leading university hospitals from various countries will be highlighted. Real-life illustrations of success factors in collaboration between university hospitals and their aligned universities will be discussed, including leadership, common values, and shared decision-making. Data from the IHF University Hospital Special Interest Group governance survey will be shared, along with key themes.
Barbara Anason
Senior Vice-President
Vizient University Health System Consortium; Secretariat for IHF University Hospital Special Interest Group
Dr. Risto Miettunen
Chief Executive Officer
Kuopio University Hospital
Paul Dugdale
Director Chronic Disease Management and Director Centre for Health Stewardship
Canberra Hospital and Health Services and Australian National University
Marc Noppen
Chief Executive Officer
UZ Brussel

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Perspectives on Academic Medical Center/University governance and alignment