Host Country Session 6

  • August 30, 2017
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Taiwan Medical Association


New Development of Community Medicine in Taiwan


Category: Service delivery: Innovation in delivery of care and hospital services

Learning objectives
At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to:

    • Understand the important opportunity for health care of our healthcare system in Taiwan
    • Appreciate how social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be leveraged by medical practices
    • Discuss the new plan to stabilize long-term care funding and promote preventive health care to delay the disabilities
    • Implement primary health care to improve health quality, lower care costs, have better health outcomes, and reduce health disparities.

Summary of the session
Taiwan society is aging rapidly, and will met the criteria for an “aged society” in 2018 and a “super-aged society” in 2016. The current Taiwan’s health care system, where care has been delivered by multiple providers with little coordination, has led to increasing issues with access, cost, and quality. Therefore, facing the increased demands of this aging society, the Taiwan government proposed the 10-year long-term care project (LTCP) in 2007 to establish a long-term care system to guarantee suitable services for the mentally and physically disabled, to improve independent living ability, promote quality of life, and maintain dignity and autonomy. The new plan expands coverage, create community-based long term care services, train professional care providers, improve need assessment system, raise payment system efficiency, earmark tax revenues to stabilize long-term care funding and promote preventive health care to delay the disabilities. In addition, the Modified Accountable Care Organization-based (MACO-based) accountable family physician system has been set off a wave of animated discussion recently. The development of MACOs is an important opportunity for health care advocates to take part in the reshaping of our healthcare system. Also, the “integrated care plan through Community Healthcare Group (CHCG)” was demonstrated since 2003 to strength primary healthcare could improve health quality, reduce care costs, have better health outcomes, and reduce health disparities. Taiwan’s experience gives a good model in response to WHO’s call for primary health care. More studies on performance and outcome to maintain continuous improvement would be a challenge in the future.
Ding-Cheng Chan
National Taiwan University Hospital Chu-Tung Branch
Yi-Lien Liu
Long-Tan Min-Sheng Hospital
Presentation: The accountable family physician system in Taiwan
The MACOs model hold the promise of reducing health care costs and improving quality for patients.
Chia-Ming Li
Attending Physician
National Taiwan University Hospital, Beihu Branch
Presentation: Long term care services in Taiwan
Brian Chang
Deputy Secretary General
Taiwan Medical Association
Presentation: Family Physician Integrated Care System in Taiwan: The Community Healthcare Group (CHCG), a promising way of community healthcare
Objective: To introduce a new community care model in Taiwan.

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New development of community medicine in Taiwan