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  • June 30, 2017
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Hospital Authority


Application of IT in disaster Management


Category: Technology and changes in healthcare organizations

Learning objectives

  1. To discuss the roles of Accident & Emergency Service in the management of civil disasters and multiple casualties incidents
  2. To share the experience in using real time information to improve Accident & Emergency Service
  3. To discuss the importance of implementing a rapid communication system for emergency response in public hospital system

Summary of the session
The Hong Kong Hospital Authority is the statutory body responsible for the public hospital services in Hong Kong. Development in information and communication technology has facilitated the management in day to day monitoring and operation and during major accidents or disastrous events in order to ensure normal function and prompt effective and efficient contingency responses.
Dr. Chor Chiu Lau
Cluster Chief Executive
Hospital Authority, HK
Dr. Shao-haei Liu
Chief Manager (Infection, Emergency and Contingency)
Hospital Authority, HK
Presentation: Implementation of rapid communication systems for emergency response in public hospital system
Dr. Pui-gay Kan
Deputy HCE, COS AED, Medical Director AETC
Hospital Authority, HK and Ruttonjee & Tang Shiu Kin Hospitals
Presentation: Disaster Response – Role of Emergency Departments & Staff Training to ensure Preparedness
Dr. Anna Tong
Senior Health Informatician, IT&HI division, HA Head Office
Hospital Authority, HK
Presentation: Real Time Management Information and Public Message with Clinical Data for AED Service Delivery Improvement

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Application of IT disaster in management