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  • June 29, 2017
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The benefits of GS1 identifiers to enhance patient safety and quality of care


Category: Quality of care and patient safety

Learning objectives
This session contains presentations from healthcare practitioners, who have implemented global GS1 standards and realised patient safety benefits. Presentations will focus on reasons for implementation, methodology, ROI and learnings. Highlighted will be:
(1) The Netherlands: Enhance patient safety and cost efficiency with GS1 identifiers in Medical Devices Management in a hospital
(2) Hong Kong: increase patient safety by introducing bar coding being able to prevent dispensing of expired items and automatically track and trace drugs to the point of issue.
(3) Taiwan: system in the Central Warehouse, Cardiac Catheterization Room and Operating Room, to quickly and correctly identify medical products, reducing medical errors and increasing healthcare quality.
Summary of the session
Healthcare is all about people, but also about products and processes and all of these should be safe.
Product information can be ‘captured’, ‘identified’ and ‘shared’, which allows for full traceability, good stock control, have the right product available for the right procedure, at the right time and for the right patient.
GS1 Global standards/identifiers facilitate these processes. Patient safety will be enhanced, unnecessary mistakes (with products and wrong substitutions) can be reduced, waste will be reduced, recalls facilitated and procurement and ordering procedures can be fully automated. When these processes are well in place, hospital staff will have more time available for direct patient care, since registration time and time
to search for items can be reduced.
GS1 is a global neutral not-for-profit organisation with a strong healthcare network. In setting the GS1 standards for healthcare all relevant healthcare stakeholders are involved, also taking regulations and legislation into consideration. The successful development and implementation of global standards in healthcare is facilitated since GS1 brings together on a voluntary base experts in healthcare to enhance
patient safety and supply chain efficiencies.
Hospitals and healthcare providers all over the world are increasingly using GS1 standards/identifiers.
Identification and traceability being a global issue, healthcare providers need to comply with regulations and sometimes have to adjust their procedures to be able to comply. GS1 facilitates to share implementation and build networks of hospitals, healthcare providers and other stakeholders both globally and regional.
In this session hospitals and providers specific from the Asia Pacific region will present why and how they implemented GS1 identifiers in healthcare and in their hospitals. The results they achieve on the above mentioned topics especially on traceability, patient safety, quality and efficiency will be shared. They will challenge the audience to understand the benefits and get started as well.
Els van der Wilden
Director Healthcare Providers
Dr. Justin Bitter
Business Manager Focus Factory
Bernhoven Hospital
Presentation: Enhance patient safety and cost efficiency with GS1 identifiers in Medical Devices Management in a hospital
Objectives: Enhance patient safety and cost effectiveness by obtaining full traceability and transparency in the Bernhoven hospital for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, starting with opiates and high risk medication in the OR.
Charles Hou
Chief, Department of Internal Medicine
MacKay Memorial Hospital
Presentation: Enhancing Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality with Adopting GS1 Standard and AIDC solution in MacKay Memorial Hospital
Objectives: Adopting new technology and system to assist hospital employees working smartly and assure the patient safety.
Anthony Wong
Senior Pharmacist
Hospital Authority
Presentation: Supply Chain Modernization Journey
Objectives: Enhancing the HA’s pharmaceutical supply chain management through engaging industry standards and revamping IT systems for improvements in:

  • Product track and trace
  • Operational efficiency
  • Documentations and records


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The benefits of GS1 identifiers to enhance patient safety and quality of care