• July 7, 2017
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Global Health Management Consortium


Short term courses in hospital management


Category: Capacity building and innovation in leadership and management tools and practices

Learning objectives

  1. Participants will know the various options and contact information for short term management training of hospital leaders and executives that they can share back in their respective countries.
  2. Participants will share additional information on proven short term management training programs they are familiar with.
  3. There will be sharing of ideas on additional ways to develop the effectiveness of hospital management in hospitals where the leaders have not had formal training in hospital management.
  4. There will be discussion on the issue of adding management concepts taught in business and industry in hospital management training.

Summary of the session
This session describes short term management courses being offered internationally for the many hospital executives in developing countries leading and working in hospitals without any formal management training, mainly because they are too busy with their clinical practice to do so. While the WHO web site lists many short courses already available around the world, GL Filerman in Washington DC wrote in 2003 that “…health systems worldwide face a lack of competent management at all levels.” in his article, “Closing the management competence gap” http://www.human-resources-health.com/content/1/1/7.
The Global Health Management Development Network (GHMDN) is a small group of international experts with the goal of helping these hospitals described above to be more effective in their management performance through short-term non-formal means, with follow-up training on-line. A key concept being supported is that health management courses presently offered by internationally known schools of health and hospital management have not been good enough to meet the challenge. This concept states that the present health management systems being taught need to be reinforced by management systems being taught in business and industry.
The internationally known Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in the Philippines will present its short courses on executive management for beginning, middle level and senior level executives.
Management Sciences for Health (MSH) based in the US will present its extensive list of short courses available internationally in workshops or on-line.
The University of the Philippines Program in Hospital Management will present its short-term certificate courses being offered to hospitals on site in the Philippines and Asian countries aside from its degree courses in hospital administration.
The multi-awarded Lorma Medical Center in the Philippines will present its one-week action-learning hospital management workshop developed from a business and industry model and led 11 times in the Philippines, Guatemala, South Africa, China and the South Pacific. The original five-day executive development version was led at least ten times for ten years in more countries in all continents of the world for field executives of major US based relief and development agencies.
The presentations will be followed by an open forum for additional contributions.
Dr. Rufino L Macagba
Chairman and President
Lorma Medical Center
Dr. Rufino L Macagba
Chairman and President
Lorma Medical Center
Presentation: The Hospital Management Made Easy Workshop

  1. Participants will learn and discuss the work of management as applied to their roles and priorities as a hospital manager or department head.
  2. Participants will learn how to develop plans that address their needs, how to use teamwork and delegate work, how to motivate and develop people, how to solve problems and make decisions, and how to monitor progress and ensure success.
  3. Participants will develop their plan of work to implement lessons learned from the workshop.

Prof. Rene Domingo
Full-time faculty – Operations Management
Asian Institute of Management
Presentation: Short-term, modular, hospital management courses by the asian institute of management
Objectives: AIM aims to deliver health care management courses that are relevant, timely, and convenient to hospital and health care managers and leaders who urgently need critical, practical and comprehensive management skills to improve the efficiency and performance of their institutions, yet do not have the time to attend full-time, long-term, or degree programs. The objective of the courses is to develop skills in critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, and opportunity seeking in each functional area as well as in the strategic context.
Dr. Noel Lawas
University of the Philippines Manila, College of Public Health
Presentation: Basic course in hospital administration
Objectives:At the end of the training, the participants should be able to:

  1. Describe the critical concepts, principles and methods in strategic, program and project management, financial management and accounting, human resource and organizational development, information management and quantitative methods of management sciences.
  2. Demonstrate the skill in using a spreadsheet program to solve management problems needing quantitative analysis.


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Short term courses in hospital management