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  • October 16, 2017
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Heads of national healthcare organizations’ meeting

By invitation only
This session will allow National leaders to exchange the highlights on the current reforms in their respective countries. The objective of the session is to provide to each an overview of what is happening abroad and to reflect on possible stronger exchange of ideas, tools and approaches if beyond national specific agenda common ground can be found.
This session will be facilitated, and all participants are welcomed to indicate their views and discuss their challenges with others.
Each country that is represented by a national healthcare organization or government is invited to:
• Bring forward 3 to 4 priority areas they are mobilized on, and that are considered as most critical for their constituents.
• Express key challenges they are facing for which they seek solutions
• Share two achievements from last 12 months and did it take to succeed
A discussion will be opened according to interests of participants on priority areas that are most common to participants to consider how they could learn from each other.
If time permits a broader exchange will follow on challenges and achievements that were presented and trigger questions or comments.
A summary of this discussion will be prepared and if participants feel it is of interest for IHF secretariat to pursue this discussion in a virtual format, this will be organized.

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Heads of national healthcare organizations meeting