• July 4, 2017
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National Confederation of Health (CNS) & National Association of Private Hospitals (ANAHP)


Brazilian hospital management, compliance, quality and patient safety


Category: Quality of care and patient safety

Learning objectives
Understanding the Brazilian level of compliance programs, the integration between corporate and clinical governance for effectiveness patient care, economic performance all integrated with Brazilian law regulations.
Summary of the session
The integration between corporate governance and clinical governance has provided significant improvements to the effectiveness of patient care and economic performance. All this, integrated with compliance practices such as institutional policy and mitigation of operational risks.
Top-Level Commitment, Proportionate Procedures, Risk Assessment, Due Diligence, Communication, Training and Monitoring are the hallmarks of an effective compliance program in a hospital. Companies with a culture that focuses on values, risk management, and innovation are more likely to succeed. Similarly, the independence of compliance officials is critical to the effectiveness of a compliance program.
The most important role of compliance is to prevent and deter fraud and non-compliant behavior.
It is essential that compliance officials be involved before major business decisions are made.
Luiz Felipe Costamilan
National Association of Private Hospitals (ANAHP)
Eduardo Queiroz Junior
Chief Operating Officer
Santa Casa Misericordia de Bahia
Presentation: Integrative governance: The management architecture of Santa Casa de Misericórdia da Bahia
Objectives: The main objective is to contribute to the going concern of the company. We believe that harmonization between institutional policies and the established standard for operating management is a rational path. With a special focus on compliance, service quality and operating efficiency, continuous performance improvement is expected to occur.
Prof. Dr. Ricardo Mauricio F. Soares
Professor and Chief Organizer
National Confederation of Health (CNS) & Federação Baiana de Saúde (FEBASE)
Presentation: Compliance program in a hospital: Brazilian basic principles
Objective: To determine the basic principles for a compliance program in a hospital
Dr. Marcelo Moncorvo Britto
National Confederation of Health (CNS)
Presentation: Understanding Brazilian health national numbers
Objective: Understanding the Brazilian way of health system. General view.
Dr. Sidney Klajner
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Presentation: Governance and patient safety
Objectives: To share experience and discuss the importance of:

  • Using “Governance Triple Aim” to improve quality and safety
  • Physician engagement to improve quality and safety in care practices
  • People engagement to improve experience of care, cost reduction and population health


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Brazilian Hospital Management, Compliance, Quality and Patient Safety