• June 29, 2017
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Transforming digital healthcare: more than meets the eye


Category: Technology and changes in healthcare organizations

Learning objectives
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to anticipate and respond to a number of challenges associated with moving from traditional to digital healthcare delivery. Participants will also gain insight into the benefits Australian hospitals, clinicians, other health service providers and health consumers have realized from digitally enabled healthcare.
Summary of the session
Australia has embraced digital technologies in the health sector. From record keeping to medication dispensing, Australian hospitals are moving towards a digital future where paper files are a thing of the past. This is supported by the introduction of “My Health Record” a secure online health record controlled by the individual citizen and the introduction of a wide range of other technologies.
These digital transformations have enabled more accurate and rapid information collection and dissemination as well as offering many benefits for patients. But change offers challenges as well as opportunities. The transformation process is a complex one and there are many lessons to be learned from Australia’s journey to date.
Digitally enabled healthcare is the future, join us to hear practical examples of how transitioning to digital delivery methods can offer a broad range of benefits and to learn from the challenges that Australian hospitals have faced and overcome in this journey.
Dr. Richard Ashby
Chief Information Officer
Queensland Health
Dr. Richard Ashby
Chief Information Officer
Queensland Health
Presentation: Challenge of the Digital Health
Objective: The presentation will cover the significant change management that was involved in transition to a digital facility.
James Birch
Australian Digital Health
Presentation: Transforming Healthcare – Building a National Infrastructure
Objective: Learning from experiences in rolling out a national digital health strategy and program of work.
Professor Johanna Westbrook
Director, Centre for Health Systems and Safety Research
Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University
Presentation: Assessing the impact of clinical information systems in hospitals
Objectives: To present results of how clinical information systems in hospitals impact medication safety, pathology testing, and clinicians’ work and communication patterns.
To illustrate, through specific examples, how clinical IT systems can be subjected to rigorous evaluation to identify benefits and challenges.
To report on a stepped-wedge randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of an electronic medication management system in pediatrics to reduce adverse medication events.
Dr. Andrew Staib
State-wide Medical Lead, Digital Health Improvement
Queensland Health
Presentation: Improving Patient Care with large scale digital transformation
Objective: This paper outlines the plans and progress for using our digital platform to improve patient care with the following specific aims:
1) Outline a strategic approach to data and analytics for Queensland’s digital hospitals
2) Describe the technical and clinical operational components required to meet the strategic goals
3) Report on progress to date

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Transforming digital healthcare: more than meets the eye