The Ministry of Health of the Sultanate of Oman

The Ministry of Health is the main provider of health care services in Oman. Its health care system commands high credibility, having been ranked by WHO in the year 2000, as first in the world for its highly efficient health system, and for effective and competent utilization of available financial resources in health services.
Oman was also rated eighth for providing the most comprehensive health care at the world level. The United Nations 2010 Human Development Report listed Oman at the top of the world’s ten leading countries that have made the greatest progress in recent decades in public health.
Oman’s Ministry of Health is closely collaborating with the WHO and WHO-EMRO with regard to its 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and implementation of the Integrated and People Centred Health Services (IPCHS).
The Ministry of Health is also a prominent member of the Gulf Health Council for Cooperation Council States, which include United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen.  The Council of the GCC Health Ministers’ has been quite active since 1991 and Oman is a major contributor in terms of formulation of health care policies and international health regulations peculiar to Arab Gulf States, control of infectious and non-communicable diseases, health care programs specific to primary health care, school health, organ transplantation, and hospital care.
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