Take the “work” out of networking with CERCA

Take the “work” out of networking at the World Hospital Congress with CERCA

24 September 2019

Why miss the chance to meet fellow World Hospital Congress delegates with whom you may share specific interests or goals? Use CERCA to ensure you don’t miss them and the chance to shake hands and get acquainted, making the most of your visit to Muscat this November.
Unique from other social media platforms and open social networking tools, CERCA provides no news feeds or enticement to search endlessly for others, nor does it produce a long list of contact suggestions. CERCA is a pinpoint people-finder, working hard to identify connections with the highest connection value based on aligned areas of interests.  And CERCA’s secure GDPR-compliant platform protects personal privacy while allowing you to pinpoint new connections with ease. CERCA facilitates the introduction and seeds the conversation with knowledge of the common ground you share.

CERCA also creates an opportunity for your voice to be heard. By sharing what interests you and what challenges you face, you’ll help to shape the dialogue at this year’s Congress and surface topics for further discourse among IHF colleagues. Learn, share knowledge & collaborate  . . . these involve meeting the right people so you can work together to address common challenges.
CERCA is now ready so 2019 World Hospital Congress delegates can begin making connections well before arriving in Oman.  IHF is pleased to bring CERCA for free to all WHC delegates. What’s more, you’ll continue to have access after the Congress and throughout 2020! Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure you find people that help move you (and them) forward.

CERCA is now available exclusively for registered WHC delegates.


Don’t’ wait until you leave for Oman. Download it today from the App Store and Google Play to get started.


Learn more about CERCA and the IHF at www.CERCA.io/IHF and follow @CERCA_app (Twitter) and www.linkedin.com/company/cerca-app (LinkedIn).


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