Dr Kwang Tae Kim

Dr Kwang Tae Kim is a surgeon with immense contributions to the healthcare sector both nationally and internationally. He was President of the International Hospital Federation from 2013 to 2015, President of the Asian Hospital Federation in 2008-2009 and President of the Korean Hospital Association in 2003-2004. He has been the Chairman of Daerim Saint Mary’s Hospital in Seoul, his own hospital, since 1969.

As a strong advocate of excellence in clinical governance, leadership, quality and safety, Dr Kim initiated and generously donated to set up the IHF Awards programme during his presidency to promote IHF’s visibility and its role as a knowledge hub. Because of this, the Grand Hospital Award, the most prestigious among all the IHF Awards, was aptly named after him.

The Dr. Kwang Tae Kim Grand Hospital Award is the highest honor for an individual hospital within the International Hospital Federation. The successful designee will demonstrate excellence in each of the five dimensions of healthcare delivery to include:

  • Health service quality
  • Patient experience
  • Clinical outcomes & health equity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Workforce wellbeing