Zayana Al-Brashdi

Zayana Al-Brashdi

Pharmacist at Sultanate of Oman- Ministry Of Health, Oman


IHF Member
Zayana graduated from the Institute of Oman Assistant pharmacy in 2010 and worked in Sinaw Hospital as Assistant Pharmacist for 5 years. In 2016, she transferred to the Royal Hospital at National Heart center. Zayana obtained her Bachelors degreen in Pharmacy at Nizwa University in Sultanate of Oman.
Lean Workshop (2019, Royal Hospital)
Medication Safety workshop (Convention & Exhibition Centre)
‘My medications in Ramadan (Royal Hospital 2019, 2022)
Patient Safety Initiative (2022, Royal Hospital)

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Lightning Talks: Diagnostics and therapeutics: where the rubber hits the road

  • 10 November, 2022
  • 14:30 - 15:30
  • Dubai E & F

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