Zain Ismail

Zain Ismail

Director, Center for Healthcare Consumerism at AVIA Health Innovation, Canada


Zain is a seasoned health innovator, strategist, and intrapreneur, leading innovation in health systems in Canada, the US, and East Africa. Drawing on his background in and affinity for hospitality, Zain’s mission is to humanize the health system through innovation by implementing novel practices to improve the patient experience and deliver value. Zain is called upon when organizations need to bring structure and a frame to highly ambiguous and future-facing, cross-functional strategies that require creativity, foresight, and a bend for understanding consumer insights. Outside of his day-to-day roles, Zain is a recognized leader in the health innovation community. He serves as a Board Member for Hacking Health Global. He is an Industry Scholar at the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures. He serves as an Innovation Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ontario as a member of the innovation committee of Premier’s Council for Improving Health and Ending Hallway Medicine.

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Paper Presentations: Digital transformation, AI and technological innovations for smarter healthcare delivery

  • 10 November, 2021
  • 15:10 - 16:40