Yuan-An (Tony) Wu

Yuan-An (Tony) Wu

Project Manager for Health Information Management Efficiency Enhancement Project in Paraguay at Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, Taiwan


Tony was born in Taiwan, he joined Taiwan ICDF in 2007 as a computer specialist, the job provides great learning opportunity. Tony was promoted to be a project manager in 2015 and is currently managing the Health Information Management Efficiency Enhance project in Paraguay. The goal of Tony’s project is to develop a Health Information System (HIS) and implement to all the public hospitals. Such project has a tremendous impact towards the public health sector, as most of the hospitals do not have information system. The system developed by Tony’s team not only help in enhancing information management, but also improve the overall productivity and quality of attention through many automated functions. Now the HIS covers the entire outpatient area and is running in 57 health establishments in Paraguay. Tony’s team had also completed developing the in-patient system, which will further improve the digitization status of the hospitals

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Paper Presentations: Digital transformation, AI and technological innovations for smarter healthcare delivery

  • 10 November, 2021
  • 15:10 - 16:40
  • Room 8