Prof. Josep M Campistol

Prof. Josep M Campistol

Chief Executive Officer-Clinic Hospital at Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Spain


IHF Member
Dr. JM. Campistol is a nephrologist and current General Director of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
In 1983 he graduated as MD from the University of Barcelona with the qualification of Extraordinary Degree Award. In 1984 he began his residency in Nephrology at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona until December 1987, when he obtained a position as a specialist in the Renal Transplant Unit. Since then he has continued to work at the Hospital Clínic assuming the highest professional category of Senior Consultant. In December 1990 he defended his Doctoral Thesis obtaining the highest qualification and Extraordinary Doctorate award. During the years 1991-92 he was at Boston University Hospital, in Boston (MA), researching on the subject of his doctoral thesis (“Pathogenesis of dialysis-amyloidosis and the role of lymphocytes on B2- microglobulin synthesis and dialysis membranes”) thanks to a Fullbright scholarship. Later at the Hospital Clínic he was appointed Head of the Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Service and Director of the Clinical Institute of Nephrology and Urology during the period 2004-2014. In July 2014 the Facultative Board chose him as the Medical Director of the institution, until January 2016 when he was appointed General Director of the Hospital Clínic, a position he holds to this day.
On the academic side, he achieved a position as Associate Professor of Nephrology by opposition at the Faculty of Medicine (University of Barcelona) in 2007, and in 2017 he won the position of Professor of the subject of Nephrology.
As a researcher, he has published more than 600 clinical and experimental “peer-review” articles, essentially in the area of Nephrology and specifically in the area of kidney transplantation, with relevant contributions on immunosuppressive drugs, renal amyloidosis, renal disease caused by HCV and relationship between immunosuppression and cancer development. He is the author of more than 50 book chapters and editor of leading international journals in the area of kidney transplantation. He is currently researching in renal regenerative medicine to achieve preservation of renal function in patients with diabetic nephropathy.
In the last 5 years he has been recognized as a national and international reference nephrologist. 

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