Prof Jiban Khuntia

Prof Jiban Khuntia

Director of Health Administration Research Consortium and Associate Professor at University of Colorado Denver, United States


Dr. Jiban Khuntia is a professor and the founding director of the Health Administration Research Consortium ( ). His research interests focus on the digital transformation of health systems, extending to business and strategies, equity and diversity, and talent and leadership development. He is a proponent of digital health to empower patients, deliver effective care and streamline processes and workflow in the delivery process. He has widely published in premier journals, chaired, and presented at several conferences, and his work is extensively covered in the media. He has written a blog and did podcasts for International Hospitals Federation ( ). Dr. Khuntia’s research, teaching, and collaborations with other researchers and students have led to an innovative thinking mindset and confidence to bring integrative global understanding to address complex problems, such as the health care sustainability-oriented approaches.

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Short Paper Presentations: Cultivating resilient clinicians and communities

  • 9 November, 2022
  • 16:10 - 17:10
  • Dubai E & F

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