Prof Edda Weimann, MD (LMU), MPH (UCT)

Prof Edda Weimann, MD (LMU), MPH (UCT)

Professor of Child Health at Technical University of Munich, Germany


IHF Member
Prof Edda Weimann is a pediatrician, endocrinologist, and public health specialist with international work experience. Prof Weimann holds positions as Head of Departments and Hospitals of tertiary care facilities. She serves as a Professor of Child Health at the Technical University of Munich and Honorary Associate Professor of Health Information Systems at the University in Cape Town. She has broad teaching and research experience and has published books and book chapters analysing the impact of Climate Change on child health and the transformation towards a carbon neutral health care. She has earned research and innovation awards for her work. Her new book published on Green Hospitals (High performance in Hospital Management) with Springer Publishing Company illustrates how to transform health services to become carbon neutral. She is member of the IHF steering committee for the Geneva Sustainability Centre.

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Short Paper Presentations: Hospitals leading toward a sustainable future

  • 9 November, 2022
  • 15:00 - 16:00
  • Dubai D

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