Zipporah Iregi

Zipporah Iregi

Nursing Officer Intern at Kitui County Referral Hospital, Kenya


Zipporah Iregi is a young nurse, currently working as a Nurse Intern at Kitui County Referral Hospital. She is the 1st Vice-chairperson of the Kenya Students and Novice Nurses (KESNNUR), a chapter under the National Nurses Association of Kenya.
Zipporah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Kenya Methodist University (KeMU). During her time in school, she was able to bring together nursing students at KeMU as well as those from institutions around her for various professional development programs. She has played a major role in the mentorship of young nurses in Kenya through KESNNUR giving them a voice to lead and be agents of change in their communities.
Zipporah is passionate about the development of her community and has been involved in various projects such as Sanitary Towel Drives, Blood Donation Campaigns and COVID 19 initiative – distribution of hand sanitizers and soaps to childrens’ homes and street families. She also doubles in modeling when off duty and is the current Miss Universe International – Kenya. Zipporah has other interests including peacebuilding and is a County Ambassador (Kirinyaga) with the Global Peace Foundation – Kenya.

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Plenary Session 3: Nursing leadership in transforming healthcare during a world-wide pandemic: Examples from the field

  • 10 November, 2021
  • 9:00 - 10:30
  • Auditorium