Min Yen Wu

Min Yen Wu

Algorithm Engineer at China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan


MIN-YEN WU, the Algorithm Engineer in the Big Data Center (BDC) of China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan. The mission of BDC is to create a smart data ecosystem that can integrate patient-centered, multi-disciplinary, and multi-omics data, to meet the needs of translational research, artificial intelligence (AI), operational management, education, and business. The goal of BDC is to advance the evidence-based medicine with intelligent approaches to improve public health. Currently, BDC manages the most powerful phenome-genome-environmental data in Asia, encompassing 20-year medical record data and air pollution data from 3 million patients and genetic information from 230k patients. To bridge the gaps between AI and medicine, I have been devoting to several projects on machine learning modeling, explainable AI prediction, value-added of medical data, and natural language processing of medical reports. I hope to keep contributing my passion and expertise to invisible and responsible AI application in the future medicine.

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Lightning Talks: Developments in cardiovascular care and chronic conditions

  • 9 November, 2022
  • 16:10 - 17:10
  • Ajman D

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