Marko Korenjak

Marko Korenjak

ELPA President at European Liver Patients' Association - ELPA, Belgium


Marko Korenjak is the President of European Liver Patient Association. He has two Masters Degrees, first from business and economy and second from international relations and diplomacy. He is passionate about patient advocacy at highest European level and changing the landscape of liver patients care. He is a member of PCWP at EMA, EASL Policy & Public Health Committee, EASL Task Force on Liver Cancer prevention, ECDC working group on monitoring hepatitis B and C in EU and WHO EURO Collaborating Committee on TB, HIV and viral hepatitis. In ELPA he leads a team that collaborates in 10 Horizon 2020 projects that represent 100 million EUR spend in high level liver research in +140 collaborating partners in European Union. For his work in 2017, he was named by The Economist Intelligence Unit as one out of the 18 most influential people in the world in the field of Hepatitis elimination.

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Parallel Session: What is MAFLD?

  • 8 November, 2021
  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Room 4