Dr Srilekha Palle

Dr Srilekha Palle

Director of Rehabilitation Services at Inova Health System, United States


Srilekha Reddy Palle received her doctorate in Physical therapy from Boston University and has an MBA degree with a focus in Health care administration. Dr. Palle is a leader with over 2 decades of experience driving performance and improvement. Her passion is focusing on health care issues through policy changes and entrepreneurship. She was the Vice President of National Capital Healthcare executives focused on advancing 48,000 healthcare executives who are committed to integrity, lifelong learning, and leadership in the field of healthcare management excellence. Dr. Palle is the rehabilitation division chair of the Healthcare council, a membership organization dedicated to helping members reduce costs, encouraging co-operative working relationships and promoting quality healthcare in our region. Dr. Palle also serves and has served the DC/MD/VA community in various capacities from being actively involved in cultural, religious, business, and political arenas and serving in an advisory capacity at a Women empowerment foundation.

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Lightning Talks: Effectively managing patients through the system: post-acute care

  • 10 November, 2022
  • 14:30 - 15:30
  • Dubai C

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