Dr Saraswathy Battar

Dr Saraswathy Battar

Medical Director - Geriatrics and Extended Care at Michael E.DeBakey VA Medical Center, United States


Dr. Battar is a physician executive with Veterans Health Administration-the largest integrated health care delivery system in USA, with over 1200 medical facilities across 50 states. She is the concept developer and physician champion for project VIONE, a safe medication optimization and deprescribing methodology that has been implemented in over 112 VA medical centers and practiced by over 1100 medical providers and successfully deprescribed over 1 million Potentially Inappropriate Medications in over 460,000 patients with a cost savings of over 101 million US Dollars in 6 years. She is board certified in Geriatrics, Hospice and Palliative Care medicine. She aspires to make VIONE a global tool, has worked on several US national task forces and led efforts for VIONE to form a global alliance to create a greener future. She is grateful for the supportive collaborations from Diffusion of Excellence office, VIONE co-leaders Kimberly Dickerson, Chris Sedgewick and Lavern Esters.

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