Dr Lynda Decker

Dr Lynda Decker

Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Federation of Ghana


Dr. Lynda Decker: Physician Entrepreneur & Health Innovator, Owner and Founding Physician Franklyn Medical Services

Lynda is a Physician Entrepreneur, passionate about excellence and accessibility in healthcare delivery at all levels of the income spectrum. Over the past 30 years in Clinical practice, my personal brand has revolved around a patient-centric/customer-centric service approach driven by values of human dignity & excellence. Franklyn Medical Services, since 2007 has created a sought after bespoke, patient-centric and high-touch clinical model of General Clinical and Specialist care with Medical concierge services. She is driven by influencing positive change in the Healthcare industry in Ghana and within the West African subregion – improving access to quality care, diagnosis and interventions to preserve life. Board member Vice Chair /CEO of the Healthcare Federation of Ghana. Executive Member of the West African Private Healthcare Federation Global Partner National Medical Fellowships (US) Member Ghana Medical Association

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Africa Rising – Effective, sustainable actions and strategies for strengthening health systems

  • 10 November, 2022
  • 13:00 - 14:00
  • Dubai A & B

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