Dr. Josep A Espinas

Dr. Josep A Espinas

Coordinator of Cancer Screening Programmes at Catalan Cancer Plan, Department of Health, Catalonia, Spain


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona in 1983. Specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health (2003). Doctor of Medicine (2014). Since 1995, he has been working on the oncology director plan of the Department of Health of Catalonia, currently occupying the position of Coordinator of the Office of Cancer Screening and is responsible for the coordination of the implementation, provision and evaluation of the programs of cancer screening in Catalonia. He has participated in various research projects related to cancer screening. It also develops its professional activity and research in the field of health services, especially in health systems support information for the planning and evaluation of the quality of oncological services (surgery, radiotherapy oncology and treatments with chemotherapy), the analysis of use and diffusion of medical technologies and adherence to treatments. Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona

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Parallel Session: Optimizing colorectal cancer screening: Insights after COVID-19

  • 8 November, 2021
  • 11:00 - 12:30
  • Room 8