Dr. Jaume Duran, MD, PhD, MBA

Dr. Jaume Duran, MD, PhD, MBA

CEO at Fundació Sanitaria of Mollet; Board Secretary at Catalan Hospital, Health and Social Services Association, Spain


IHF Member
Jaume is a doctor that has been working as a general practitioner during his first professional years. From the nineteens he has become a manager in health organizations, as a medical director of primary care, in hospital care, and after as a CEO in different kind of provider institutions, as well as in primary care, social or speciality acute care, in private or for non-profit organizations. From 2008 is the CEO of the Fundació Sanitaria of Mollet, a for non-profit institution that deliver care and cure services for 165.000 citizens, involving more than 1200 professionals in a local area next to Barcelona city.
His career has promoted him in the UNIO Catalana as a board Secretary, and in this moment is a regular collaborator in different health management programs in Barcelona.

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Parallel Session: Leadership for Sustainability: How healthcare leaders can meet the challenge of climate change

  • 10 November, 2021
  • 15:10 - 16:40
  • VA Room