Dr. Daniel J. West Jr.

Dr. Daniel J. West Jr.

Professor and Chairman Department of Health Administration & Human Resources at University of Scranton, United States


Daniel J. West, Ph.D., FACHE, is the Chairman and Professor in the Department of Health Administration & Human Resources, University of Scranton, Scranton, PA USA. He has specialized in international health care, globalization, multiculturalism, and diversity management. He holds a Professor in Public Health appointment at Trnava University, Slovakia and a Visiting Professor appointment at the University of Matej Bel in Slovakia. He has held a variety of board leadership roles at CAHME, including Board Chair, and is the Chair of the Global Advisory Council. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of HTC Consulting Group, Inc., and has served as a hospital CEO. He is a Certified Healthcare Consultant with the American Association of Healthcare Consultants, and board certified in healthcare management by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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Paper Presentations: Transforming healthcare by empowering, supporting, and giving leadership to the workforce

  • 10 November, 2021
  • 17:00 - 18:00