Dr. Carmen Lam

Dr. Carmen Lam

Consultant Anaesthetist at Hospital Authority, Hong Kong


IHF Member
Dr Carmen Lam graduated from the University of Hong Kong and received her anaesthesia training in Hong Kong. She is currently a consultant anaesthetist in the Department of Anaesthesia and Operating Theatre Services in New Territories West Cluster (NTWC).

She is the Clinical Anaesthesia Coordinator for Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Neurosurgery in her department. And she is also the Consultant Anaesthetist In-charge of the Preoperative Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPEX) Services.

In addition to her clinical background, Dr Lam is the Course Coordinator of Crew Resource Management (CRM) Frontline Training Workshop, CRM Train-the-trainer Workshop, Critical Actions for Response and Escalation System (CARES) Frontline Training Workshop under NTWC Clinical Skills Training Centre (CSTC).

Besides, Dr LAM is in charge of the Anaesthetic Clinical Information System (ACIS) in NTWC and she is the Project Coordinator for ACIS Centralization in NTWC.