Operations and infrastructure: Solutions for environmentally sustainable healthcare


Wednesday 11 September


Session description:

In health systems facing increasing environmental challenges and economic constraints, this session will offer valuable insights into the cost-efficiencies and community benefits of adopting sustainable practices and strategies in healthcare facilities. Presentations will include how different healthcare settings are addressing both environmental and economic factors through data-driven decision-making, the (re)design of facilities and logistics, and the use of alternative energy sources. These presentations advocate for a holistic approach to healthcare infrastructure that prioritizes environmental sustainability.


Wednesday 11 September



Dr Natalia Allué

Medical Director, Fundació Sanitària Mollet, Spain

Dr Natalia Allué is the Medical Director of the Fundació Sanitària Mollet. She is a specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health with extensive experience in data analysis and clinical management. She has experience in Health Management focused on the analysis of databases, clinical documentation, dashboards and the creation of indicators always linked to the improvement of healthcare quality.

She is enthusiastic about continuous improvement, methodology and quality, always seeking to add value. She likes multidisciplinarity and teamwork. She has always worked surrounded by people with diverse and varied profiles, considering that they are basic pillars for good management.

She complements her work with a teaching role at the university, serving as an adjunct professor in Medicine and a Master of Clinical Management. Dr Natalia Allué was a student of the YEL 2022 cohort and current YEL ambassador at present. She currently serves as an international contact for the Unió Catalana d’Hospitals (Spain) being a link with International Hospital Federation.

Mr Kevin Poggenpoel

Engineering Manager, Mediclinic Middle East, UAE

Kevin Poggenpoel joined the Mediclinic SA in 1990 and held positions as Technical Manager, Regional Technical Operations Manager, and General Technical Operations Managers over a thirty-one year period. His duties included hospital technical support, audits, training technicians, developing planned maintenance policies, and managing life cycle costing of all hospital infrastructure and equipment. He was responsible for employing full teams to create and implement planned maintenance systems for medical equipment as well as building related systems like HVAC, Medical Gases, etc.

In 2007, he took responsibility for the group’s 52 facilities in Southern Africa. He retired in 2021 after the COVID pandemic – only to be called back to the group’s Middle East business to drive the carbon initiative. The group has an objective to be carbon neutral by 2030. This project involves the implementation of renewable technologies like Solar and Adsorption Chillers as well as ensuring that all hospital infrastructure operates efficiently in order for the group’s carbon load to be reduced.

Before Mediclinic, Kevin held positions in the Ships’ Design offices of the South African Navy as a Design Draughtsman. He obtained a National Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of  Technology.

Kevin is a member of SAFHE (South African Federation of healthcare Engineering) and has served as President and Chairperson in the different regions. He is currently the Vice President of the IFHE (International Federation of Healthcare Engineering).

Dr Flavio Sensi

CEO, ASL n.1 Sassari, Italy

Dott. Flavio Sensi is an Administrator and Director General of large public and private companies, and currently the Chief Executive Officer of ASL n. 1 of the Sardinia Region. He is also a Public Manager, the President and Member of the Management and Evaluation Bodies and Bodies of Public and Private Entities and Administrations, a Consultant and Senior Advisor for Corporate Management and Strategy, Technological Innovation, and Corporate Reorganization.

Dott. Flavio has particular specialization in the sectors of public administration, public healthcare, private healthcare, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, information and communication technology, and biotechnology. He started as an upper executive of companies and projects in the digital, hi-tech, and web based fields. He is also a Lecturer at Italian universities and of electronic content management (ECM) training courses on the topics of administration, economics, management, and business organization in healthcare.

Mr Walt Vernon

Mr Walt Vernon

CEO, Mazzetti; Sextant Foundation, USA

Walt is the CEO of Mazzetti, an Engineering and Climate Change Consulting Company with offices in Rwanda, India, and the United States. He is also the founder and CEO of the Sextant Foundation, a not for profit NGO developing sustainable solutions for health Faciliites in low resourced areas. He is on the Board of Village Health Works Hospital in Burundi. He is the second vice President for the IFHE, and he is the Focal Point for IFHE to the WHO. Walt serves on the Steering Committee for the International Hospital Federation’s Geneva Sustainability Centre.

Walt wrote the background Paper for the US National Academy’s Action Collaborative to Decarbonize the US Healthcare Sector. He recently completed the ASHRAE Design Guide for Decarbonized Hospital Design. He serves on the ASHRAE Standard 189.3, high performance healthcare facilities. He was the primary author for the ASHRAE Infectious Aerosols Position Document. During the Covid Crisis, Walt organized and lead the IFHE Global Volunteer response to help many countries throughout the world, via the IFHE relationship with the WHO.

Walt developed the Sustainability Roadmap for the American Hospital Association, and their Energy to Care program. He developed and manages the IFHE Carbon Awards program.

Mr Walt Vernon