Introducing the Brazilian healthcare system


Tuesday 10 September


Session description:

This session is a unique journey of discussion and discovery about the Brazilian health system and its relevance to international health strategies, to add value and perspectives for IHF members and partners. The presentations will focus on the importance of the global discussion on health systems and will provide a brief introduction to the history of health in Brazil, from the pre-SUS era to the current scenario. Topics will include:

  • Current overview of the Brazilian healthcare system, covering data, health indicators, and highlighting regional and socioeconomic diversity.
  • Global challenges and local solutions, with an analysis of the peculiarities of the Brazilian system and strategies to overcome them, considering cultural and social diversity, as well as promoting research and innovation with global application.
  • The Brazilian approach to quality, accreditation and patient safety, highlighting the need for structural reforms and investments, and calling for international cooperation to share knowledge and resources.
  • Successful cases and experiences in Brazil, emphasizing the importance of global dissemination of good practices, lessons learned and adaptations to different realities, and showing examples of sustainable actions.

Chair: Dr Adelvânio Francisco Morato, President, Brazilian Hospitals Federation (FBH), Brazil


Tuesday 10 September


Chair and Speakers

Dr Adelvânio Francisco Morato

President, Brazilian Hospitals Federation (FBH), Brazil

Dr Morato is in his third term at the head of the Association of Hospitals of the State of Goiás, Brazil. Alongside this role, he is also President of the Brazilian Hospital Federation (FBH), which represents more than four thousand health establishments in Brazil.

Dr Morato trained as a urologist surgeon. He later became the General Secretary of the Medical Association of the State of Goiás and is a member of the Union of Hospitals of the State of Goiás and one of the partners of the Instituto do Rim de Goiânia.

Dr Morato became a member of the IHF Governing Council in November 2020. He is also a member of the IHF Executive Committee since January 2023.

Dr Graccho Alvim Neto

VP, Associação de Hospitais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dr Graccho Alvim Neto works internationally to discover best practices that can be implemented in his native Brazil. As a founding member of STEMS (Society of Tourism Medicinal), this has led him to explore first hand and learn from structural operations in Thailand, Dubai, and Costa Rica while expanding his training in rare diseases in the USA at University of California Los Angeles.

Since 1988, he has directed several private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and he has been the Vice President of AHERJ (Associação Brasileira de Hospitais do Rio de Janeiro) for the past 15 years. Dr Graccho consults regularly with insurance companies to develop optimal home care programs while directing two infusion clinics treating rare diseases.

As the face of Brazilian hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, his appearances on the national news led to a recently launched series of public health shows bringing greater awareness to the general public.

Ms Gilvane Lolato

Operational Manager, National Accreditation Organization, Brazil

Prof. Andréa Prestes

CEO, Andréa Prestes Institute, Brazil

Andréa Prestes is a Health Executive Mentor and Consultant in Brazil and Portugal – with her extensive experience in hospital management. She is a PhD candidate in Health Sciences and Well-being Technologies in the National School of Public Health – ENSP, has a Bachelor’s in Administration, an MBA in Hospital Management, and a Master’s in Health Management from Nova University of Lisbon.

Andréa is known as a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Life, Executive, and Positive Coach. She is the author of the book “The Lean Journey in Hospital Accreditation”, author of the chapter “Quality Management” in the book “The Accreditation Journey: 20 Years Series” by National Accreditation Organization (ONA), and co-author of the books “Strategies for Health Services Accreditation” and “Demystifying Quality and Safety in Health.”

Currently, she serves as the Scientific Coordinator of the Hospital Manager’s Manual of the Brazilian Federation of Hospitals – FBH and as part of the review team for the Brazilian Accreditation Manual: Health Service Providers – OPSS, 2022-2025 by ONA. She also teaches as a Professor of MBA and postgraduate courses.