Digital every day: Integrating AI innovations


Tuesday 10 September


Session description:

The integration of AI solutions expands every day in every sector and all areas of our lives. In hospital operations, there are key considerations and opportunities to use AI to enhance care delivery. In this session, the panel will discuss AI in terms of building leadership and workforce competencies, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to planning, implementation, and evaluation, and the use of genomic research and innovation to design quality, cost-effective, precision care delivery.


Tuesday 10 September



Dr Richard Greenhill

Director and Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, USA

Richard G. Greenhill, DHA, CPHQ, HACP-CMS, PMP, FACHE is an internationally-recognized healthcare quality leader and Director of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management Program in the School of Health Professions at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He is the Director of the Industry Advancement Technology (IAT) Accelerator at the Innovation Hub at Texas Tech University.

Dr Greenhill’s career spans more than 30 years across all sectors of healthcare delivery. He was elected to life-long membership in the prestigious International Academy for Quality and Safety (IAQS) – highlighting his expertise and work in healthcare quality and patient safety. He is an American College of Healthcare Executives Faculty, board certified in healthcare management and Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE).

Dr Greenhill has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, and publications to advance healthcare delivery both nationally and globally. He holds several industry certifications and credentials that highlight his commitment to professional excellence through life-long learning. His current research interests include health equity implementation frameworks, high-reliability culture for patient safety, machine learning and artificial intelligence integration into healthcare operations.

Dr Mubaraka Ibrahim

CIO, Emirates Health Services, UAE

Her Excellency Mubaraka Ibrahim is the Acting Chief Information Officer of Emirates Health Services (EHS) and a passionate technology enthusiast that has spearheaded their digital transformation journey. She played a crucial role in the Riayati “Electronic Unified Medical Record” Committee for securing pharmaceutical supply chains that uphold post-pandemic resiliency. As a seasoned healthcare IT leader with over 30 years of experience, she has a proven track record of leading government entities through complex changes, implementing innovative solutions, and improving patient care.

Since her appointment as Acting CIO at EHS, Mubaraka has emerged as an architect in achieving impeccable achievements in sustainability goals aligned with the UAE’s net zero initiative. Mubaraka is an ardent advocate for emerging technologies to improve healthcare. She offered a pragmatic approach towards implementing digital health technology, optimizing healthcare facility operations, reevaluating care pathways, and investing in advanced data analytics.

Among the first members of HIMSS in the region, she achieved the Healthcare IT Leader Hall of Fame Award of HIMSS Middle East. Being a distinguished graduate of the UAE Government Leaders Program, Mubaraka is currently a highly anticipated member of the UAE Government’s Next 50. By setting the tone for other women and other professionals in the region, she is an inspiring leader blazing a trail for others to follow.

In her pursuit of addressing and adhering to sustainability in UAE healthcare, Mubaraka has proven to be an invaluable asset to the industry and has taken a leading role in utilizing technology to improve the quality of patient care.

Dr Rita Veloso

Executive Board Member, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António, Portugal

Rita Sofia da Silva Veloso was born in Porto in 1981, married and a mother of two children.

Rita graduated in Psychology from the University of Porto in 2004 and completed her Master’s degree at the same institution in 2020. She is currently a PhD student at the University of Porto on Biomedical Sciences. She attended several courses in health unit management and public administration management and participated in the HOPE Exchange Program in 2016, a European exchange program for senior management. She is an Invited Professor of several executive programs and postgraduate courses.

She is currently an Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Santo António, a Member of the Advisory Board of Women in Tech®, and a Member of the Advisory Board of Health 4 Mozambican Children and Families – which is dedicated to supporting and promoting maternal and child health in Mozambique. Additionally, she is also the Regional Ambassador for Portugal of

In 2020, she joined the International Young Executive Leaders – an initiative of the International Hospital Federation.