Designing and demonstrating the impact of sustainable healthcare



Tuesday 10 September


Session description:

Pursuing equitable and environmentally sustainable healthcare has its opportunities and challenges. A good sustainability strategy is required to steer this process. In this session, explore the role of governance, technical cooperation, and the financial benefits of integrating sustainable healthcare.

Featured presentations:

  • From the Chief Financial Officer’s perspective: Opportunities and challenges in pursuing equitable and environmentally sustainable healthcare in the United States
  • Hospital Santa Izabel in pursuit of net zero emissions: Initial results achieved in the Race to Zero (Mr Fernando Lira)
  • Mollet University Hospital: Hospital Universitario Mollet: The importance of governance, culture, and education to become a net zero centre (Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez Sánchez)
  • Inspiring future leaders to tackle sustainable healthcare challenges through a global innovation programme
  • Achieving sustainability in healthcare provision while saving money: 5-year results of the CoECO strategy
  • Quantifying the environmental health benefits of a telehealth tobacco treatment service on emissions reduction and healthcare system sustainability (Ms Sohayla Eldeeb)


Tuesday 10 September



Ms Sohayla Eldeeb

Stanford Healthcare Sustainability Fellow, Stanford Healthcare, USA

Sohayla Eldeeb is an environmental health researcher focusing on the intersection of climate and health through action-oriented solutions. She graduated from Stanford with a bachelors in Biology and a masters in Community Health and Preventive Research. In 2018, Sohayla was one of the founding team members of Zero Hour where they put on the first youth-led climate march on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and formed over 200 action chapters around the world through. This helped spark the youth climate movement within the US.

Currently, Sohayla helps lead several initiatives revolutionizing the healthcare systems to net zero. At Stanford, she was named an inaugural Stanford Healthcare Sustainability Fellow as well as a former board member of Stanford CLimate and Health. She has pushed for laundered gowns, community health research, and lower-emission food/procurement systems. She has advised the California Air Resources Board (CARB) on air pollution, Just Atonement (on global policy for a healthy environment, and more). Sohayla spoke at COP 27 about the human right to a healthy environment and served as a youth speaker at Africa’s CDC Health Conference.

Her research at IHFRio is focused on pushing for lower carbon health systems, specifically through telehealth, while ensuring patient equity.

Mr Fernando Lira

Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, Santa Casa da Bahia, Brazil

Fernando has a degree in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, a specialist in environmental monitoring and a postgraduate degree in Business Sustainability and ESG

He is currently Environmental Sustainability Coordinator at Santa Casa da Bahia, accumulating solid experience within the health sector in the areas of water, energy, waste and greenhouse gas emissions management.

Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez Sánchez

Director of Environment, Health, and Safety, Fundació Sanitària Mollet, Spain

Mr Miguel Ángel Martínez Sánchez is the current Director of Environment, Health, and Safety at Fundació Sanitària Mollet (FSM). He holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry and a Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences.

With over 19 years of experience, he specializes in implementing management systems and has a significant background as an Environmental Auditor and Consultant, and CO2 Emission Rights Verifier. Miguel is also formerly the Head of the Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Department at EY.

He leads the Green Hospital and Healthy Entity Projects at FSM – both receiving the Silver Award at the IHF Awards in 2021 and 2022, with additional recognition for the Green Hospital Project’s Communication at IHF Awards 2023.