Clinical care, supplies and beyond: Sustainability practices across the hospitals



Thursday 12 September


Session description:

There are opportunities to integrate sustainability in all areas of hospital management and healthcare delivery. This session explores a variety of innovative initiatives in different departments of the hospital.

Featured presentations:

  • Medicine stock management aiming at reducing disposal in an infectious disease hospital (Dr Vanessa Oliveira)
  • Sustainable skin solutions – the role of clinical innovation in carbon reduction
  • Greening the operating room: Upcycling project (Mrs Marlene Piçarra)
  • Dual source solar hot water generation system – equipped with 40 solar cells – sustainable project – enhancing EHS Strategic Objectives 2023 – 2026 (Engr Safeyah Salem Al Matroshi)
  • Achieving one of the world’s most ambitious eco-labels for hospital food ensuring a holistic and data driven sustainable transformation


Thursday 12 September



Engr Safeyah Salem Al Matroshi

Head of Engineering Services and Maintenance Department, Emirates Health Services - Dibba Al Fujairah Hospital, UAE

Engr Safeyah Salem Al Matroshi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from the College of Engineering at UAE University in 2008 and was employed in 2009 at the Emirates Health Services in Dibba Hospital as an Architect.

In 2019, Engr Safeyah has been promoted to be the Head of the Engineering Services and Maintenance Department.  She is also the Head of the Sustainability Committee in the hospital, the Head of the Facility Management and Safety Committee, and a Member in the Disasters Committee. One of her most prominent achievements is her participation in preparing the Dibba Hospital to obtain international health accreditation, which was acquired in 2021.

She is now looking forward to a Master’s degree in Project Management at the Hamdan Smart University in Dubai. Among her notable attainments is the replacement of the water heater system with a dual source solar hot water generation system – equipped with 40 solar. saving money by using a natural source.

Dr Vanessa Oliveira

Public Health Technician and Pharmacist, Instituto Nacional de Infectologia Evandro Chagas - INI FIOCRUZ, Brazil

Dr Vanessa Oliveira is a Pharmacist with a Master in Chemistry and a PhD in Sciences Applied to Health Products. She has been working in the hospital pharmacy for 5 years. She coordinated the pharmacy of the INI/Fiocruz Hospital Center for 3.5 years from 2020 to 2024. Today, she works in drugs acquisition.

Mrs Marlene Piçarra

Nurse, Unidade Local de Saúde Entre Douro e Vouga, Portugal

  • Mrs Marlene has begun his nursing career in 2001. She is Master and Specialist Nurse in Medical-Surgical Nursing: Perioperative Care | OR Nurse – Nursing Anesthesia. Developed a master’s thesis within the scope of reducing the Environmental Footprint in Outpatient Surgery.
  • Since 2022 she has become a member of the EDVHLU Environmental Sustainability workgroup.
  • She is Member of the EDVLHU Ecological Public Procurement Committee since 2023.
  • Recently she became Member of the SPMS Unit, EPE – Shared Services of the Ministry of Public Health.
  • She has experience as Assistant Professor at Escola Superior de Saúde CVP Norte.
  • Marlene is passionate about promoting sustainability in healthcare, recognizing the importance of reducing waste, and implementing environmentally friendly practices.
  • She is dedicated to leaving a positive and lasting impact on people and the planet. From the masterclass attended at the 46th World Hospital Congress at Lisbon, she has knowledge about net zero emissions in healthcare, making his multifaceted experience and his unwavering commitment to sustainability promise to inspire significant change.