Beyond hospital walls: Redefining care delivery models


Tuesday 10 September


Session description:

Digital transformation projects increasingly drive the reimagination of hospital services, enabling healthcare organizations to provide high-quality care for patients, caregivers, and their organizations in non-traditional settings and models. This session will explore examples of successful integration of digital solutions with a range of applications including hospital at home care, medicine and pharmacy services, and medical–social collaboration for chronic patients in rural settings.


Tuesday 10 September



Mr Russell Hill

COO for Pharmacy Services, Icon Group, Australia

Russell brings a wealth of experience and deep understanding of the pharmacy industry to his role – leading all aspects of the Group’s hospital pharmacy and retail operations with a strong focus on clinical excellence.

He has worked in senior pharmacy management across both public and private sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom and is a former Board Director of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and has held the position of Chair of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) Leadership and Management Committee for four years. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy and postgraduate Clinical Pharmacy and Management (MBA) qualifications from Curtin University and the Nottingham University Business School respectively. He has also held numerous roles during his tenure at Icon including Director of Pharmacy Practice Unit, General Manager for Pharmacy Services in Western Australia, and State Manager for Icon’s Cancer Services in Western Australia and South Australia. His extensive experience across both cancer care and pharmacy enables a comprehensive approach to operations and a focus on multidisciplinary clinical quality and expertise.

Russell is an engaged and hands-on leader keen to develop and deliver extended roles for pharmacy team members across Icon Group and ensure the division meet their strategic goals. For Russell, a focus on operational excellence across all levels of the business is key to a supportive workforce, and most importantly, the delivery of exceptional pharmacy services for patients and communities.

Dr Maria Leung

Service Director in Primary and Community Healthcare and
Chief of Service in Family Medicine,
New Territories East Cluster,
Hospital Authority, Hong Kong

Dr Maria Leung is a family medicine specialist. Currently, she is the Chief of Service in the Department of Family Medicine as well as the Service Director in Primary and Community Healthcare in New Territories East Cluster, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong. She is also the Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of both the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, as well as the Council Member of the Hong Kong College of Family Physicians.

Dr Leung has participated in the development of many chronic disease management programmes in the government clinics especially for patients with diabetics, hypertension, respiratory diseases, and common mental health problems. Dr Leung’s interest is on developing new service delivery models for better chronic disease management.

Recently, Dr Leung and her team has been actively exploring a new service delivery model in bringing smart technology into the service through medical social collaboration. Her team has helped to establish smart hubs in various villages to provide consultations for the chronic illness patients who live in remote areas.