Plenary Speaker Guidelines

This page contains information for the speakers of the plenary sessions at the 44th IHF World Hospital Congress to help you prepare for your participation. We recommend you bookmark this page for future reference.


Language: Your presentation and PowerPoint slides (if any) must be in English.

Livestream: Since the Congress will be in a hybrid format, all sessions will be live-streamed to virtual participants.


In the interest of running seamless transitions between presentations, presenters cannot use their own laptops. All slide presentations will be saved to the main computer.

The plenary hall will be set with:

  • Laptop (Windows, not MAC)
  • LCD Projectors and screens in 16:9 ratio
  • Podium with microphone
  • Handheld microphones and lapel microphone
  • Slide clicker with pointer
  • Confidence monitor (to view the slides from the podium)
  • Timer for speaker
  • Lights and sound system

There will be an AV technical team present to assist you. If you have any special technical requirements, please let Patricia Mencias know by 15 October.


Format: If you will have presentation slides, they must be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint slides are required to be in 16:9 (widescreen) format in order for them to be displayed on the screen properly.

Template: We highly encourage you to use the World Hospital Congress PPT template. You can download it below.

Video files: If you will be showing a video during your presentation, it must be submitted before the congress so that the AV team can save and test them ahead of time. Please embed your video file in your presentation slides. Send your slides AND the video file to Patricia Mencias by 25 October. If the files are large, you can send them using WeTransferDropbox, or Google Drive.

External links: Wi-fi will be available in the plenary hall but do let us know by 25 October if you will be opening an external URL or website during your presentation as internet speeds can vary.
Sponsorships or advertisements: Reference to possible sponsorship is possible but advertisements will not be allowed.

Submission: Send your slides and video files (if any) to Patricia Mencias by 25 October. This is considered a backup copy in case it’s lost or corrupted in transit. If you update your slides afterward, bring the file with you on a USB drive and submit it to the tech booth at the Plenary Hall at least a day before your presentation.

Presentations after the event: Presentation slides will be made available online on the IHF website (in PDF format) after the event.


We highly appreciate it if you can promote your involvement in the Congress in social media, your website, blogs and other communication channels. If you will be posting on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #IHFBarcelona. Please see the available graphic and logo for download here. If you have any other promotional requirements, feel free to contact us. Tag and follow us on social media:



Once you arrive at the Congress venue please proceed to the Registration Desk to collect your name badge and delegate kit.

Please be at the plenary hall at least 30 minutes before your session to make sure everything is in order and to be prepared should there be last-minute program changes.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Patricia Mencias