Past Winners

IHF/Dr. Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award


Gold: Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (Taiwan): A comprehensive and sequential solution enhancing the quality care of acute myocardial infarction

Silver: Memorial Hermann Health System (United States): High Reliability, Clinical Care Redesign and Baldrige Award Framework Adoption in a Large Healthcare Organization

Bronze: Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital (Japan): Achievement of Green Hospital for Patient, Staff and Nature

Merit Awardees:

  • Royal Hospital (Oman): Implementation of Lean in a Tertiary Care Public Hospital
  • Surgisphere Clinic (United States): International Impact on Healthcare Outcomes Through a Personalized Medicine and Patient Engagement Program


IHF/Bionexo Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility


Gold: Tulungagung Dr. Iskak General Hospital (Indonesia): Public Safety Centre


  • Dubai Health Authority (United Arab Emirates): Dubai Heart Initiative
  • Manila Doctors Hospital (Philippines): #SaveAChildSaveTheNation: A Mental Wellness Project for Children with Trauma

Merit Awardees:

  • Aster DM Healthcare (United Arab Emirates): Aster Volunteers
  • Auna (Peru): Making Smiles
  • KPJ Pasir Gudang Specialist Hospital (Malaysia): Medical Outreach Camps and Mobile Clinic for B40 in Remote Villages


IHF Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare


Gold: Ministry of Health & Prevention (United Arab Emirates): Performance and Clinical Excellence (PaCE)

Silver: The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi (Pakistan): Transformed Patient Experience Through Process Innovations & Real Time Patient Tracking

Bronze: Dubai Health Authority (United Arab Emirates): DHA Smart Pharmacy

Merit Awardees:

  • Aga Khan University Hospital (Pakistan): iCAN – A management model leveraging technology to improve floor processes
  • Medcare Women & Children Hospital (United Arab Emirates): “Happy to go Home”– Reduction in discharge TAT – DMAIC Approach
  • North West Hospital and Health Service in collaboration with Gidgee Healing and Western Queensland Primary Health Network (Australia): Improving access, patient experience and outcomes in Australia’s Lower Gulf Region Indigenous Communities through Tri-partite Governance and Leadership
  • Satakunta Hospital District (Finland): Customer Experience Management and Development of Service Culture
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore): Frequent Readmitter Programme – Holistic Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Frequent Readmitters


IHF/Austco Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care


Gold: Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd. (India): Apollo Safety Development Model: Building a Culture of Safety at Apollo Specialty Hospitals

Silver: Changi General Hospital (Singapore): Driving A Culture of Quality Improvement – The CGH Kaizen Everyday Engagement Programme (KEEP) Journey

Bronze: Hospital Vila Franca de Xira (Portugal): Reduction of the consumption of broad-spectrum antibiotics in 3 years of antimicrobial stewardship implementation at Vila Franca de Xira Hospital

Merit Awardees:

  • AHMC Healthcare (United States): Six-Dimensional Approach for Quality & Safety and Patient-Centered Care
  • Hospital da Luz (Portugal): Development of a tool of ePROMs as the main concept of outcome measure in value-based healthcare in Luz Saude
  • Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (Taiwan): A smart healthcare solution reducing in-hospital cardiac rest by innovative early warning electronic information system
  • Manila Doctors Hospital (Philippines): Simplified Safety Innovations for the Intensive Care Unit – Acute Stroke Unit
  • Sohar Hospital (Oman): Multi-phasic project of Implementation of Antimicrobial stewardship program in Sohar Hospital



IHF / Dr Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award:


Gold: Dental Health Services Victoria (Australia): Value-based healthcare: A new approach to improve oral health outcomes

Silver: Metro South Hospital and Health Service (Australia): Metro South Health Service Queensland -Our Transformation to Australias First Digital Health Service

Bronze: Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service (Australia): Wide Bay Amazing Sustainable Turnaround

Merit Awardees:

  • Dubai Health Authority (UAE): Electronic Medical Record (Salama)
  • Frere Hospital (South Africa): Frere Hospital Turnaround
  • Keiju Healthcare System (Japan): Keiju Integrated Healthcare Service -Cooperation of Integrated Health Records and Human interface-


IHF/Bionexo Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility


Gold: Fundación Cardioinfantil Instituto de Cardiologia (Colombia): Give a Life

Silver: Narayana Health (India): Program for Harnessing Oncological Preventive and Early screening activities or Program HOPE

Bronze: Western Health (Australia): Western Health Healthcare Environmental Sustainability (HES) Program

Merit Awardees:

  • Aster DM Healthcare (UAE): Aster Volunteers – Powered by Humanity
  • CHRISTUS MUGUERZA Sistemas de Salud (Mexico): Free Surgical Brigades Model
  • Manila Doctors Hospital (Philippines): Forging Oneness, Responsibility, Growth and Empowerment (FORGE): A Community Health Adoption Program
  • Metro South Oral Health, Metro South Hospital and Health Service Queensland (Australia): Improving access to oral health with a patient centred focus to a vulnerable community
  • Palmetto Health (USA): Our Tithe: A commitment to caring for our community


IHF/EOH Excellence Award for Leadership and Management in Healthcare


Gold: University of Utah Health (USA): Value Driven Outcomes (Implementation of Data Driven Approach to Manage Utilization of Resources and Improve Quality of Care)

Silver: Sant Joan de Déu – Barcelona Children’s Hospital (Spain): Bed Management System of Sant Joan de Déu (BEDMA-SJD), an innovative system for efficient management of health care processes

Bronze: Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Canada): Build an Innovative Culture that Optimizes the Use of Technology to Advance Excellence in Mental Health Care

Merit Awardee: The Hospital for Sick Children and University Health Network (Canada): Caring Safely – a joint SickKids and UHN collaboration to prevent harm and promote patient and staff safety


IHF/Austco Excellence Award for Quality & Safety and Patient-centered Care


Gold: Metro South Health, Queensland Health (Australia): Gestational Diabetes Mellitis (GDM) App and Interactive Clinician Portal (Internet Based)

Silver: Mayo Clinic (USA): Optimizing Opioid Prescribing for Surgical Patients

Bronze: Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Canada): The Implementation of Recovery-Oriented Practice

Merit Awardees:

  • Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Canberra Hospital and Health Service, Women’s and Children’s Hospital SA, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service (Australia): IRONing out Maternity Blood Management: Improving identification and management of iron deficiency and anaemia
  • Chi Mei Medical Center (Taiwan): Using ABCDE bundle to improve the effectiveness of clinical care in intensive care unit with acute respiratory failure patients
  • Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Child and Youth Mental Health Service, Children’s Health Queensland, Hospital and Health Service (Australia): Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic & Statewide Service, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital & Health Service
  • Makati Medical Center (Philippines): Infection Prevention and Control Program
  • Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital (India): “PROJECT SURAKHSHA” – A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Clinical Outcomes In Sepsis
  • Redcliffe Hospital, Metro North Hospital and Health Service (Australia): A Pharmacist-led Hospital-based Opioid Stewardship Service