Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital

Japanese Red Cross Ashikaga Hospital is a polyclinic hospital established in 1949 in Ashikaga, southwestern Tochigi Prefecture. We have 540 beds and have the only emergency medical center providing high quality medical care to 800,000 people as a core hospital in the Ryomo area.
Considering the patient’s care first, the hospital provides a fully private bed, which is rare in Japan. In addition, disaster-resistant equipment such as seismic isolation devices, also state-of-the-art medical equipment such as the surgery support robot “Da Vinci” have been equipped. We are also the first facility in the Japanese Red Cross Hospital to have acquired JCI (Joint Commission International) certification, as it worked to improve the quality of medical care.
Another characteristic feature is the realization of a “next-generation green hospital” that is ecofriendly with the introduction of well water heat pump systems, photovoltaic panels, and wind generators. We have been working on significant reductions in energy and CO2.
Our initiatives have had a significant impact not only in Japan but around the world. In 2017, we won the 1st Prize at the first International NVTG IFHE Building Award and the BRONZE AWARD of the IHF / Kwang Tae Kim Grand Award at the 2019 IHF Awards.
More information here: www.ashikaga.jrc.or.jp

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