IHF Announces Sponsorship with Seddiqi Holding to foster Corporate Social Responsibility in Healthcare

5 October 2021

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is pleased to announce a new sponsorship with Seddiqi Holding, a family-owned and managed group with a diverse portfolio of businesses based in the UAE, to support advancing corporate social responsibility in healthcare.

Through the International Hospital Federation (IHF) Awards, Seddiqi Holding, as the sponsor of the Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, will recognize hospitals and healthcare providers who demonstrate excellence and outstanding achievements, through activities that showcase their commitment to corporate social responsibility. These include:

  • Providing high-quality and affordable healthcare services for all;
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity in the workforce;
  • Reducing inequalities in healthcare service delivery;
  • Advancing universal healthcare in emerging and developing nations;
  • Developing innovative and ethical responses to social, climate and environmental issues;
  • Harnessing a network of local stakeholders for sustainable and systemic responses to public health concerns.

“One of IHF’s visions is to have a world of healthy communities,” said Ronald Lavater, CEO of IHF. “IHF is committed to social responsibility in healthcare. Our partnership with Seddiqi Holding fosters an environment for hospitals and healthcare providers to inspire and support achievements promoting universal healthcare, equity and sustainability in healthcare.”

“Seddiqi Holding seeks to partner with causes that are pioneering developments across healthcare and fundamental to the betterment of society. Medical research and an advanced healthcare system is crucial to the longevity and sustainability of future generations in the UAE and world over. We are humbled to be a part of this initiative that recognizes excellence and innovation across all fields of quality healthcare.” said Mr. Osama Ibrahim Seddiqi, Vice-Chairman, Seddiqi Holding

This sponsorship builds on IHF’s mission to recognize outstanding healthcare initiatives through the IHF Awards and Seddiqi Holding’s dedication to advancing healthcare driven by our shared core company values. The 2022 Word Hospital Congress is due to be hosted in Dubai by Dubai Health Authority and we look forward to continuing to champion excellence in this field in line with our sponsorship with Seddiqi Holding.

About Seddiqi Holding
Seddiqi Holding was established in 2007 to consolidate the existing businesses belonging to the Seddiqi family into a holding group. As part of a growth strategy, the companies underwent a major restructure that saw the development of a succession plan for future generations and the establishment of an Executive Committee and Board of Directors as the governing bodies for Seddiqi Holding. The group operates a diverse collection of high-performing companies across various sectors. These include Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the longest standing and largest business unit within the group; Swiss Watch Services; Seddiqi & Sons Investment which includes Seddiqi Properties and Mizzen.

Driven by the organization’s mission and values, Seddiqi Holding believes that access to quality healthcare and education is essential to society. Seddiqi Holding is committed to partnering with organizations and causes that are pioneering development across key fields.