IHF announces i-to-i Innovation Hub contributors to be featured at the 46th World Hospital Congress

27 September 2023


The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has selected a final group of innovators for its i-to-i Innovation Hub, which will debut at the 46th World Hospital Congress, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Applicants worldwide submitted innovations designed to enhance hospital care beyond the conventional hospital setting. Innovators were evaluated against criteria including scalability, cost-effectiveness, and their potential to improve care delivery.

The chosen innovations range from workforce management to clinical practice solutions and tackle challenges encountered in diverse global settings. In all, they demonstrate how cutting-edge technologies can improve operational efficiency and bring hospital-quality care directly to communities and even in the home. For a complete list of participating innovators, please visit: ihf-fih.org/i-to-i-innovation-hub/.

IHF CEO, Ronald Lavater, described the importance of introducing innovations that are ready to scale.

“Innovation demands more than creating advanced technologies, it’s about aligning solutions to real-world challenges faced by hospital systems. The range of new technologies available in healthcare is astonishing, however, we must make sure they can be implemented into hospitals, integrate seamlessly into healthcare delivery, provide real benefits for patients, and align with sustainable management practices. The i-to-i Innovation Hub is another example of IHF’s commitment to fostering global knowledge exchange for our members.”

The i-to-i Innovation Hub will showcase cutting-edge tools and products from around the world that are already demonstrating impact in hospitals within the IHF membership. At the IHF’s annual Congress, from 25 to 27 October 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to network with the innovators to gain insights on their emerging technologies, and innovators will benefit from networking and exchanging with healthcare leaders. The IHF will present the Hub in collaboration with Healthcare UK and Stanford Medicine.

Dr Aphrodite Spanou, Director, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Chemicals, Department for Business and Trade UK, shared the importance of innovation within the healthcare system:

“The i-to-i Innovation Hub is an ideal platform for innovators to showcase technologies that can improve healthcare outcomes. The UK is a world leader in developing solutions to healthcare challenges in diverse areas such as prevention, training, and clinical pathways. We are excited to share our innovations and are delighted to be partnering with the IHF and Stanford Medicine to bring the Hub to the World Hospital Congress for the first time.”

David Entwistle, President and CEO, Stanford Health Care added:

“New technology advances, including in artificial intelligence, hold immense potential to revolutionize patient care. If we harness these innovations effectively, the opportunities are truly boundless, from enhancing health equity, efficiency, and quality. Stanford Medicine is honoured to be part of the i-to-i Innovation Hub, and we eagerly await hearing from our selected innovators, who will be showcasing their work.”

In addition to the insights shared by the i-to-I Innovation Hub innovators, hospital and healthcare providers attending will benefit from a comprehensive programme of sessions and workshops held throughout the World Hospital Congress. A full agenda can be accessed here.

With its thriving culture of innovation, Portugal is an ideal location for hosting the World Hospital Congress. Not only will two of its local innovators be prominently featured in the i-to-i Innovation Hub, but the country is also set to welcome a new WHO office in early 2024, dedicated to health technology, robotics, and entrepreneurship. These and other developments reflect the dynamic initiatives Portugal is leading to foster healthcare innovation.