IHF and CERCA partnership revolutionize networking at the 2019 World Hospital Congress

IHF and CERCA partnership revolutionize networking at the 2019 World Hospital Congress

4 July 2019
With the goal to improve the delegate experience at the World Hospital Congress, IHF engaged with CERCA (a Mobile Technology Company), to transform the way people network. After all, networking is one of the top priorities of congress attendees. So why not make it as efficient and valuable as possible.
No longer are we left hoping to be lucky enough to casually bump into our next valuable contact at an event. CERCA finds them for you and delivers you connection recommendations right to your mobile device. CERCA uniquely optimizes your networking efforts by making introductions with colleagues you may likely never find and can’t afford to miss.

Getting CERCA is easy. Simply download the mobile app (once available) and quickly build your custom and confidential CERCA profile within the app. CERCA securely analyzes your private profile and automatically makes recommendations based on your top personal and professional alignments with other delegates at the event. You then choose whether to accept the connection recommendation and open dialogue through CERCA’s private in-app chat feature. If a connection proves relevant, you decide when to share your contact information. You’re in charge of your profile information and who gets access. Your profile remains private since CERCA’s platform is unsearchable like other networking tools.

Privacy and data security are top of mind for healthcare leaders and CERCA’s culture is privacy and security. The CERCA mobile application adheres to all EU privacy guidelines including GDPR. CERCA is built with Privacy-by-Design architecture.
CERCA and IHF partnered early in 2019 and started planning for the 2019 World Hospital Congress in Muscat this November. IHF was so impressed with this revolutionary service that it has agreed to underwrite CERCA membership costs for all attending 2019 Congress delegates through 2020! This way, delegates will have the opportunity to become a CERCA member, refine their profiles, engage with the app, make connections at the congress and beyond!
The CERCA app will launch to registered delegates this September. IHF will make announcements with exact dates and more details on how to get this critical networking tool for FREE.
Learn more about CERCA at www.CERCA.io and follow CERCA in Twitter (@CERCA_app) and LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/company/cerca-app).
For more information about the IHF World Hospital Congress, visit www.worldhospitalcongress.org or contact [email protected].

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