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Explore some of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo‘s renowned hospitals and healthcare facilities. Reserve your spot for guided visits in Rio scheduled in the afternoon of 9 and 12 September, and in São Paulo in the morning and afternoon of 13 September exclusively available to Congress participants for an additional fee of US$ 50 per visit. To secure your place, advance booking and payment are required, as slots are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend booking early to guarantee your preferred visits. Simply select your preferred hospital visit during the Congress registration process.

For those already registered for the Congress and interested in signing up for a hospital visit, please log back into your account or contact the registration team at

Transportation will be arranged and the assembly point will be communicated in due course. The exact timings of each visit will also be communicated to you via email closer to the visit.

Click on the boxes below to view more information about each hospital or facility. More hospitals will be confirmed in the coming weeks.


Rio de Janeiro

  • Complexo Municipal Souza Aguiar (afternoon of 9 September | afternoon of 12 September)

    Tour proper: The tour will include visits to the emergency room, both intensive care units of adult and pediatrics, the surgical center, and the maternity ward. There will be a translator available onsite during the entire tour.

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    Complexo Municipal Souza Aguiar is a public hospital unit with 116 years of existence, located in the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro and comprises three health services totaling 531 beds: Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar, Hospital Maternidade Maria Amélia and Centro de Emergência Regional – CER Centro, from the General Emergency Coordination (Coordenadoria Geral de Emergência – CGE), from the planning area (A.P) 1.0, member of the assets and structure of the Municipal Health Department of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

    The Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar (HMSA) aims to provide hospital, outpatient and urgent and emergency medical assistance to users of the Unified Health System (SUS); serve as a field for teaching, research, extension and training in activities related to care in the hospital environment; and serve as a reference in the health care network of the city of Rio de Janeiro in the services of oral surgery, general surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, medical clinic, nephrology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and urology.

    In the SUS care strategy, for each type of illness and level of complexity, there is a hierarchical reference location for the service. Large emergency hospitals, such as Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar, are dedicated to the most serious emergencies, surgical cases, and hospitalizations, saving lives at immediate risk.

    In the teaching area, due to its academic connection with the Medical and Dentistry Residency Programs, HMSA offers field of practice and internship for undergraduate courses in the health area, especially Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Public Health, Psychology, Social Work and Biomedicine.

    Complexo Municipal Souza Aguiar has the mission to be “a public reference in health, providing excellent assistance in the context of urgency and emergency, generating knowledge, training and adding professionals committed to the principles of the Unified Health System – SUS”.

    The Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar team look forward to touring you around!


  • Gloria D'Or - Perinatal Hospital (afternoon of 9 September)

    Tour proper: The tour will be based on the main flow of a hypothetical patient in the hospital: from the emergency department to the ICU, and then, a non-critical floor.

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    Glória D´Or – Perinatal Hospital was founded in April 2020, during the first wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, aiming at primarily attending non-COVID population, but rapidly converted to be a healthcare setting specialized on COVID admissions, because the regional hospitals have been almost collapsing their capacity. And finally, it succeeded very well.

    Since then, the hospital has ramped-up their volume, and currently it attends a broad case-mix, from neonatal to very elderly population. The hospital has three specialized Emergency Departments: Adult, Pediatric, and Obstetric. The last one was founded a year ago – when Perinatal, a maternity hospital, settled at another neighborhood and was merged to Hospital Glória D’Or.

    The hospital works 24 hours a day for 7 days and has 192 beds distributed, such as the following: neonatal, cardiologic, medical, and surgical ICUs; one mixed adult Step-down Unit; two floors for Maternity, two floors for medical and surgical non-critical admissions, and finally two floors for outpatient care.

    On October 2023, Glória D´Or was accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), with an outstanding performance (only eight partially met requirements on more than a thousand patient safety medical and managerial standards), becoming one of the top-notched ranked hospital in D´Or Network. This title was extensive to the maternity in March 2024.

    The Gloria D’Or – Perinatal Hospital team look forward to touring you around!

  • Hospital Copa D’Or (afternoon of 9 September | afternoon of 12 September)

    Tour proper: The tour will be in their clinical inpatient unit, pediatrics, emergency room and intensive care units.


    Hospital Copa D’Or, nestled in Rio de Janeiro’s renowned Copacabana neighborhood and established in 2000, stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence. Annually, it attends to approximately 110,000 emergency patients and conducts 1200 surgeries each month, boasting a robust infrastructure of 255 beds, including 125 dedicated to intensive care and 37 for semi-intensive care.

    Additionally, the hospital houses a Pediatrics Unit with 18 beds, 11 operating rooms, and a state-of-the-art Hemodynamics Unit catering to Neuro-critics and Cardiology interventions.

    In the past year, Hospital Copa D’Or has made significant strides, consolidating resources, fostering highly skilled teams specialized in respiratory care, investing in cutting-edge technology, and successfully completing 8 lung transplants.

    Notably, the hospital earned the SILVER seal of proficiency as a Center of Excellence in ECMO (Excellence in Extracorporeal Life Support), making it the second facility in the country to be recognized by ELSO (Extracorporeal Life Support Organization). This recognition positions HCD as a pivotal hub for life-saving therapies in Rio de Janeiro.

    The hospital’s Cardiology Center, featuring 37 beds, stands as a premier destination for cardiac care in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It houses leading specialists, enabling the hospital to focus on complex cases and offer advanced treatments for cardiac arrhythmias, coronary diseases, valvular conditions, and heart transplants.

    Further solidifying its commitment to excellence, in 2023, Hospital Copa D’Or achieved international recognition from the Joint Commission International (JCI) with its 6th consecutive recertification. This acknowledgment underscores the hospital’s unwavering dedication to maintaining world-class standards in patient care and safety.

    The Hospital Copa D’Or team look forward to touring you around!

  • Hospital Copa Star (afternoon of 9 September)

    Tour proper: The tour will include a visit to the Research Center initially. After that, a visit to the hospital in their assistance areas: such as the ICU, the operation room, the emergency room, and the catheterization laboratory (Cath Lab). Then concluding with a visit to the operational areas: the pharmacy, laboratories, and the hospital kitchen.


    The Hospital Copa Star hospital was fully designed for the well-being of patients – featuring distinctive architecture with a built area of 20,000m² and international quality standards, combining sophistication and high technology to provide exclusive and personalized care, comfort, and refinement in all environments in welcoming both the patient and their relatives. With cutting-edge infrastructure tailored to your needs, the CopaStar offers haute cuisine, with a distinctive menu in flavor and quality in an exclusive restaurant led by an international chef.

    Additionally, the hospital also features convenience spaces for study and clinical discussions, highly prepared medical teams for patients’ healthcare, 24-hour emergency service, a multidisciplinary team, and complete diagnostic medicine service, a mobile ICU for pre-hospital care equipped with modern devices and advanced technology.

    The Hospital was founded in October 2016 and reaccredited in November 2023 with excellent results from the processes established by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Throughout 2023, some structural changes occurred, such as: expanding from 11 to 14 operating rooms, 141 operational rooms, 84 ICU rooms; relocating the magnetic resonance imaging to a new space and acquiring new equipment (Siemens Aera 3T MRI, allowing for exams with better definition and differentiated imaging acquisition protocols); relocating the nuclear medicine department to a larger space and acquiring a robotic/laparoscopic ultrasound with integration with a neuro-navigator for the treatment of brain and abdominal tumors with greater accuracy.

    Some 2023 Results:

    • Number of emergency room attending: 18,778
    • Number of hospitalizations in 2023: 11,065
    • Number of surgeries in 2023: 8,485, including heart, kidney, and liver transplant


    The Hospital CopaStar team look forward to touring you around!

  • Super Centro Carioca de Saúde (afternoon of 9 September | afternoon of 12 September)

    Tour proper: The tour will include visits to the Ophthalmological Carioca Center, the diagnostic and treatment center of image with MRI, CTScan and PETScan, and the Specialist’s Center for outpatients. There will be a translator available onsite during the entire tour.

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    Super Centro Carioca de Saúde (SCCS) consists of three units: Carioca Specialty Center  (Centro Carioca de Especialidades – CCE), Carioca Eye Center (Centro Carioca do Olho – CCO), Carioca Center for Imaging Diagnosis and Treatment (Centro Carioca de Diagnóstico e Tratamento por Imagem – CCDTI), forming the largest public health complex in Latin America. Users are referred by Primary Care to the units, whose structures also have free optics and advanced units. SCCS also offers an exclusive bus line for free transportation of patients and their companions.

    Carioca Specialty Center (Centro Carioca de Especialidades – CCE) has more than 100 doctors in different specialties, in addition to offering specialized dentistry care.

    Carioca Eye Center (Centro Carioca do Olho – CCO) is considered the largest provider of SUS ophthalmology services in Brazil, responsible for around 80% of consultations and specialty procedures carried out in public health in Rio.

    Carioca Center for Imaging Diagnosis and Treatment (Centro Carioca de Diagnóstico e Tratamento por Imagem – CCDTI) is dedicated to exams and treatments that use technology that can be compared to “photographs” of the inside of the body. In less than a year of operation, the unit helped to eliminate the patients’ waiting line, that is, making the wait for appointments less than 60 days in several specialties. One of the innovations adopted is the “tele report”, which allows exam reports to be issued remotely. This advancement is fundamental, especially in urgent situations and for elective care.

    Since its inauguration, it has offered more than 1 million consultations, exams, and procedures to Rio residents.

    The Super Centro Carioca de Saúde team look forward to touring you around!

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