Transforming healthcare by empowering, supporting, and giving leadership to the workforce

10 November, Wednesday, 17:00-18:00

Learn and be inspired by brief presentations of innovative programs, projects, and good practices from various organizations:

Taking care of those who deliver care. A new role to be undertaken by ORPD in healthcare organizations
Presented by: Johanna Cáceres Terán
COVID-19 highlights a new purpose for Occupational Risk Prevention Departments (ORPDs) which is of major social importance and lends them a strategic value in organizations committed to humanizing the relationship with their employees.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the ORPD at CSDM worked closely with management and middle management on controlling the infection and implemented psychological-intervention initiatives (in groups and individually) among the most exposed employees (doctors and nurses in the ICU and in the COVID-19 wards).
The systemic focus and collaborative way of working, with attention to emotions, has become consolidated as an integral part of the company’s routine practice. This can bring about innovative contribution to: 1) policy, as re-orienting ORPDs leads to an entire cultural transformation; 2) practice, through multidisciplinary teamwork by ORPD, middle management and professionals who are experts on the field; 3) research to design appropriate indicators to assess the effectiveness of those interventions.

The “Jo Innovo” contest as a tool for professional-led innovation strategy at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital
Presented by: Dr. Victòria Valls
Vall d’Hebron University Hospital has adopted an Open Innovation Strategy that has as main goal the encouragement for innovation from all the professionals. By creating the “Jo Innovo”  contest, in which all the 7000 staff members can submit their innovative ideas, most of them rooted in their daily basis routines, has proven to be a successful approach. More than 260 ideas have been presented and more than 900 staff members have participated.

Values-driven leadership for health sector reform
Presented by: Prof. Louis Jenkins and Dr. Zilla North
In South Africa the health sector is groaning under high levels of staff burnout and a culture of poor collaboration, aggravated by COVID-19. The presenters initiated a project to care for the carer by creating a safe space for people to address everyday challenges within a values-driven leadership framework. They brought rural health care workers together in a multi-professional collaborative environment to understand how their values determined their leadership style.   
With the lead facilitator, Prof. Arnold Smit, Dr Zilla North and Prof. Louis Jenkins, 4 regional weekend workshops were conducted during 2019 in the Garden Route district of South Africa. During the four workshops, 64 nurses, doctors, allied health workers, and managers from six hospitals and clinics identified, framed and developed action plans for their values-based dilemmas at work. They learned about the connection between values-driven leadership on the one hand and personal, relational and organizational well-being on the other.

Enabling a system dialogue on the Catalan healthcare basket assessing how to enhance health services planning with a territorial focus
Presented by: Cristina Casanovas-Guitart and Jillian Reynolds
In 2019, the Catalan Health Service undertook a system-level dialogue involving relevant stakeholders to build a common vision of the Catalan healthcare basket: is it an abstract concept or can/should it be used as an effective tool for operative health services planning? If so, how is this feasible and what enablers are needed? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conclusions of this dialogue have not yet been publicly shared. Two years later the presenters will do so, reflecting on whether they hold true after the life-changing COVID-19 experience.