Pre-congress session: Economics for Healthcare Leaders

Economics for Healthcare Leaders

Date: 6 November 2019, Wednesday

Time: 1:00-6:00 PM

Venue: Grand Ballroom C3, Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre 

Deadline of registrations: 25 October


Registration fees

Congress participants (IHF Members and Oman residents): USD 50

Congress participants (Non-members): USD 150

Non congress participants: USD 300

Afternoon snacks will be served


This course will be held before the World Hospital Congress and is open to both participants and non-participants. You can register through the link below. To check if your organization is a member, click here.


The two-part course facilitated by Thomas Vogel is an interactive workshop for healthcare leaders to explore and discuss critical concepts of economic theory application to hospital management. The objectives of this course are to master critical concepts in business and behavioral economics, to link these concepts with decision makers and to apply these concepts for performance improvement. Mastering these concepts will help hospital leaders to improve the performance of their organization.


What does economic theory tell us about the behavior of the health system players?

Topics that will be covered:

  • Supply, demand and choices in the health system
  • Socratic methods and exercises
  • Economic incentives in the health system
  • Sensitivity to incentives
  • Principal-agent model: Who is making the decision and who is paying? Is the payer a 3rd party and how is it funded or is it a customer client agent
  • Behavioral economics: key concepts and their application
  • Conclusion with individual preferences and the concept of utility


Can applied economic theory improve hospital performance?

Topics that will be covered:

  • Different stakeholders’ perspective on effectiveness
  • How do these perspectives affect the notion of efficiency?
  • Setting (and reaching) efficiency targets
  • Profitability: For the public and the private sector and its relation with the business strategy of hospitals
  • Economic concepts from the glossary
  • Economic concepts as applied in the balance scorecard


Thomas Vogel is a health economist and public health specialist with over 20 years professional experience as a consultant, coach and trainer.

He currently works as a management consultant with public and private hospitals in various parts of the world and serves as hospital management expert in international panels and training institutions. In these positions he has been working both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, working with health authorities and health providers including primary care institutions.

He is working internationally, in developing and transition countries. His assignments have brought him to contribute to projects in Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, BiH, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania), in the CIS (Moldova and Tajikistan) as well as in various countries in Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Liberia, CAR, Benin, Tanzania and Sudan), the Middle-East (Iran, Jordan and United Arab Emirates) and South-East Asia (Malaysia). Most of the development projects he was leading or involved in had the aim of reinforcing the local health systems and enhance the health systems’ performance.

Thomas is sharing his views, experience and practice through various teaching activities. These activities include lectures in health economics, hospital management, health systems organisation and health policy. He is or has been involved in teaching activities with the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva, the University of Neuchatel, the Charité University in Berlin, the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, the University of Basel and the Dubai Health Authority.

Thomas holds a Masters of Sciences degree in economics and a Masters of Public Health. Currently, Thomas is a board member of Medicus Mundi Switzerland, the European Cleft Organisation, the Swiss World Health Foundation and a member of the expert panel of the Swiss Society for Public Health.

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