Discover the latest innovations in healthcare

14 September 2023

The World Hospital Congress is at the forefront of driving innovation in hospital management and healthcare delivery. From workforce to AI, and climate change to pandemics, major shifts in the healthcare landscape force constant transformation in the sector. The hospitals of the future will be required to look and operate very differently from those of the past. WHC 2023 has dedicated sessions throughout the Congress to share knowledge and experience on how best to adapt and innovate as we build these hospitals of the future.

New for 2023: the IHF’s i-to-i Innovation Hub will make its debut at WHC in Lisbon. Spotlighting unique technological solutions to challenges encountered in healthcare delivery, the Hub will showcase novel products which have had a transformative impact on improving access and increasing efficiency of sustainable, high-quality, patient-centred care.


The i-to-i Innovation Hub will be launched at the Welcome Reception on 24 October and can be visited throughout the duration of the Congress to explore the innovations in detail. At the Hub, visitors can interact with the innovators and share learnings beyond the technology itself, such as change management, measuring impact, and overcoming roadblocks.

Make sure you don’t miss the Innovation Ignite Talks taking place on 25 October, where we will hear directly from the participating companies about their novel products and ideas.

Session highlights: Innovative approaches to providing healthcare

Integration of community and ambulatory care


Enhancing and expanding ambulatory care is a key driver of health equity. By matching healthcare delivery methods to the needs of the community, we can amplify positive health outcomes. In this session, speakers from Oman, UAE, and Spain will share examples of how ambulatory care empowers patients who could previously not access care to take charge of their health and make informed decisions, and how technology enables that process.

Clinical innovations: Building quality for better outcomes


Continuous quality improvement in clinical outcomes for patients requires systematic focus and well-designed processes. Learn from these lightning talks, that will showcase successful projects, programmes, and experiences from organizations worldwide that have had real impact on patient outcomes.

Patient experience at the centre of all we do


Healthcare systems can appear complicated and hard to navigate, leaving patients feeling dissatisfied and misunderstood. From France, India, Spain and Rwanda, healthcare leaders take us through specific strategies to enhance the patient experience. By using data, pathways, and shared decision models we can improve consistency in care, break down silos and place patients at the centre of all we do.

Tailored care: Success stories for paediatric and adolescent patients


Children and teenagers are not little adults. There are special considerations for achieving great outcomes for paediatric patients. Discover the success stories and experiences from these lightning talks, ranging from a community and hospital combined effort for health equity in care for institutionalized children, to redefining paediatric neurodevelopmental healthcare.

There is still time to register to attend WHC 2023 in Lisbon, or virtually from the comfort of your own home or office, this October. Don’t miss this opportunity to take part in the premier knowledge sharing event for hospitals and healthcare.