CERCA, the new networking app connecting people across the IHF

CERCA, the new networking app connecting people across the IHF

9 December 2019

Many delegates at the recent 43rd World Hospital Congress in Muscat, Oman took advantage of the new CERCA networking app to identify and meet valuable new contacts they quite likely would not have otherwise met without this powerful tool.
Following this success, the IHF is making CERCA available to all of IHF members. Employees of IHF member organizations are invited to register at https://cerca.io/ihf/ before December 31, 2019. IHF members can download and use CERCA at no cost or obligation through December 31, 2020!
CERCA is the tool that all IHF members will want to use. CERCA takes the work out of networking by identifying the most relevant and highest-value connections based on your unique professional and personal interests. CERCA finds the people you want to meet and invites you to connect with a virtual introduction right from your mobile phone. CERCA works beyond any event and continues to provide connection recommendations all year.
Best of all, CERCA has been designed with privacy and security in mind. Your profile is completely secure and confidential. It is unsearchable from everyone, even other CERCA members. You are in control of your profile and you decide if and when you want to share contact information.

Eric de Roodenbeke, CEO of IHF, says, “The new CERCA networking application connects IHF members on hot topics and shared experiences to develop new relationships and collaborate on industry solutions. CERCA is the tool that brings members together quickly to foster progress on issues facing the global healthcare community. 
Our partnership with CERCA illustrates IHF’s commitment to forward-looking innovation, connecting all members with this powerful networking technology. I personally use CERCA and with privacy and security measures built in, CERCA keeps my profile private while regularly delivering me valuable professional connections. 
I encourage IHF members to use this valuable tool to connect with the people you need to meet across the IHF.”

Find out more about how IHF and CERCA are working together to revolutionize networking at https://cerca.io/ihf/ and register for CERCA so you can download and begin making connections before the December 31st deadline.
Learn more about CERCA at www.CERCA.io and follow CERCA @CERCA_app (Twitter) and www.linkedin.com/company/cerca-app (LinkedIn).

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